BMW May 2017 Series: all data and photos official

Series BMW in May 2017: photos of one of the most technological cars of the momentSeries BMW in May 2017: photos of one of the most technological cars of the momentSeries BMW in May 2017: photos of one of the most technological cars of the momentSeries BMW in May 2017: photos of one of the most technological cars of the moment

BMW will sell the new BMW 5 Series he February 11, 2017, with some slightly larger dimensions (4.935 x 1.868 x 1.466 meters), more headroom in the carrier, more legroom for rear passengers and a capacity of trunk increased to 530 liters, with the mouth of lower load and possibility opening and closing hands. The wheelbase increases to 2975 mm, also receives an increased width vías-, and has optimized access to the rear seats modifying the contour of the door.

BMW 5 Series 2017 more efficient

Despite being 3.6 cm longer, BMW 5 weight decreases to 100 kg Series Depending on the engine. Have been used very high strength steels, aluminum and magnesium, combining intelligently according to the area of ​​the structure, suspensions and outer panels. For example, the trunk lid, completely made of aluminum, saves 4.2 kg, while each door weighs 6 kg, ranking as the lightest in its segment. The dashboard support is magnesium.

2017 BMW 5 SeriesAlso on aerodynamics references mark with a penetration coefficient Cx 0.22. All versions of the new BMW 5 Series count on active grille, 'Air curtains', front baffle and aerodynamic solutions even in the tire.

Series BMW in May 2017, initial powertrains

As for the BMW 5 Series mechanics, at the time of its launch there will be two petrol and two diesel, 4 and 6 cylinder, all available with AWD optionally. This is the BMW 530i (252 hp and 5.4 l / 100 km), BMW 540i (340 hp and 6.5 l / 100 km) BMW 520d (190 hp and 4.1 l / 100 km) and BMW 530d (265 hp and 4.5 l / 100 km).

All the Diesel feature SCR catalyst and deposit AdBlue, and of them is the version BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition, with 190 hp and equipped with transmission Steptronic 8 speed, that accredits only 3,9 l / 100 km average consumption. Soon there will be a hybrid plug with an average consumption approved of 2 l / 100 km, called BMW 530e.

Another notable improvement BMW 5 Series It corresponds to Stop / Start system, which uses information from the cameras, radar and navigation system prevent the engine stops at inappropriate times, such as entering a roundabout. The mapping data are also used to prepare in advance the engine cooling, or for Active Cruise Control, among others.

BMW 5 Series 2017, more interior comfort

Among the highlights of the passenger compartment BMW 5 Series We found the possibility to incorporate front seats 8 massage programs, air conditioning with ioniser and aroma diffuser, ambient lighting with 6 configurable colors and sound equipment high level. He voice recognition system It has been enhanced to understand natural language (also in Spanish), by adding well gestural control as in the last BMW 7 Series, touch screen 10.25 inches (keeping thumbwheel iDrive) And a projection area Head-Up Display larger, namely 70%.

In turn, the BMW 5 Series dispose of induction charging for mobile phone, cutting-edge connectivity control free parking spaces, Wi-Fi point, traffic information and real-time incident ..., access or Apple Car Play with wireless to replicate the contents of the mobile phone in car screen (usually a USB cable required).

2017 BMW 5 SeriesBMW 5 Series 2017 security last

He BMW 5 Series It boasts a large endowment of active safety. Among its elements available include active cruise control able to adapt to the speed limits of the road automatically, assistant active lane keeping with side impact protection, assistant automatic lane change, recognition of way at crossings and warning oncoming traffic. It also offers Active LED headlights, with automatic anti-glare high beam function.

With so much technology could not miss function fully automatic parking (The system takes control of the steering wheel, accelerator, brake and change) Parking distance controlled from within the car key (it has a screen that informs about the status of the vehicle, autonomy, opening doors and windows, air conditioning ...), or the new device environmental monitoring from the mobile phone, from which you access the images of the peripheral chambers (Remote 3D View).

BMW 5 Series 2017 more dynamic

In this generation BMW 5 Series, the full address It is compatible with Four-wheel drive, while active anti-roll bars They are no longer hydraulically actuated but by electromechanical actuators. This, together with the optimization of suspensions and the weight reduction promises improved dynamism. The new BMW 5 Series also it has the Adaptive mode Optional premiered by the BMW 7 Series, which adds to the already known Sport, Comfort and Eco Pro, modifying the suspension settings, engine, gearbox, steering, taking into account data from the navigation system, depending on driving style or position selector auto switch. Ultimately, it will be a benchmark in all areas.

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