Prices of Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Mercedes CLA Shooting BrakeMercedes CLA Shooting BrakeMercedes CLA Shooting BrakeMercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Second body type shooting Brake in the range of Mercedes-Benz whose first units will be delivered to customers in March). If we compare this new car with the CLS Shooting Brake, we must recognize at first glance quite Similar, especially in the rear area, in which both have the characteristic roof slope the image and likeness of coupes.



CLA 200 CDI 136 hp SB: 34,500 €
CLA 220 CDI 170 hp SB: 39,700 €


CLA 180 SB 156 hp: 32,625 €
CLA 200 SB 184 hp: 34.925 €
CLA 250 SB 211 hp: 44,225 €
CLA 250 4M SB 211 hp: 46,675 €
CLA 250 Sport 4M SB 211 hp: 50,960 €
CLA 45 AMG 360 hp 4M SB: 63,750 €

The exterior dimensions of the new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake They are virtually the same as that of the existing four-door model with a length of 4630 mm, a width of 1,777 mm and a height of 1435 mm, which means that the new Shooting Brake is only 3 higher than the four-door CLA mm. New forms of the body adjacent the inner compartment reconfiguration result more usable space for occupants. This is demonstrated with an effective height to ceiling in the rear area 94.7 cm (4 more than the version of four-door body cm).

Mercedes CLA Shooting BrakeHe cargo volume in the trunk new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake It is also higher when compared with his brother range, namely the signing of the star announces a capacity that can vary between 495 and the 1354 liters if the rear seats (in the four-door version, the volume of the 470 liters). The German manufacturer also ensures that if the rear seats are placed in a more upright position, the volume may increase further 100 liters to 595 liters, while offering high levels of comfort for people traveling in these places. To increase the comfort level, the tailgate can count Electrical opening option Easy-Pack as well as several practical solutions as a folding box, an outlet 12 V and aluminum slats slip.

Engines and aerodynamics

He new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake It will be available initially with six engines, all four cylinder equipped with direct injection. In Diesel versions will be offered CLA 200 CDI and CLA 136 hp 177 hp 220 CDI, while gasoline variants that will be able to choose CLA 180 122 hp, 156 hp 200 CLA, CLA 250 and CLA 211 hp 360 hp 45 AMG, These latter two also available with the AWD 4Matic. In September 2015, the CLA Shooting Brake range is completed with the arrival of the variants Diesel CLA 200 and CLA 220 CDI CDI 4Matic 4Matic. The exchange rate which may combine these versions may be six-speed manual or Automatic dual-clutch 7G-DCT seven-speed.

Mercedes CLA Shooting BrakeThe aerodynamics It is another technical issues Mercedes Benz He has taken special care to development new CLA Shooting Brake. Like his brother four-door family for this new coupe body is a good thing about it announces with a coefficient Cx 0.26 (Compared to 0.22 Cx of the four-door version).

insurance, technology and modern equipment

The AMG Line and Urban lines They are available on the equipment Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake. In the AMG Line, the sportsmanship It is to be strengthened with an AMG bodystyling formed by 18-inch and 5-spoke, chrome strips in the exhaust, sports seats faux leather / microfibre recessed body and a direction with new more direct and immediate parameters. For its part, the Urban online highlighted by a diamond-effect front grille, 18-inch wheels sleeker look and Costures seats with different color.

Chapter security is another aspect in which highlights the CLA Shooting Brake, faithful to the latest products of the German mark. He Collision Prevention Assist Plus intelligent system with autonomous braking function If danger of collision is detected is just one of the many devices and driving assistants that can take this vehicle (Intelligent Drive safety, retail). Also it included as standard system Attention Assist drowsiness detection, which can operate at a speed range between 60 and 200 km / h.

Mercedes CLA Shooting BrakeSpecial Edition Release

Marketing Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake It will start with the special edition release OrangeArt Edition, with unique items as headlights bixenón framed rings orange, AMG alloy wheels with insertion orange sports seats orange / black with contrast stitching orange.