Lexus RX 2016: pictures and data of the fourth generation

Lexus RX, and is the fourth generationLexus RX, and is the fourth generationLexus RX, and is the fourth generationLexus RX, and is the fourth generation

The fourth generation Lexus RX SUV palm and looks after its presentation in style in the Hall of New York 2015. The best-selling car over the 26 year history of Lexus -something more than 2.1 million units so deeply leaving avalan- renews his intentions very clear: be one of the most interesting in the growing market Luxury SUV.

He DNA design Lexus RX 2016 (or Lexus RX IV) Is not new, since it are quite similar, especially the frontal- with his little brother, no less spectacular NX. The front area is headed by a prominent bumpers aggressive look, already characteristic type headlights with L-shaped LED, technology that is also present in the fog lights.

Seen in profile, Lexus RX fourth generation shows dynamism and elegance in equal parts, with the sharp fall posterior slope of the roof, the image and likeness of coupes. They also provide a big attraction a showy alloy wheels diameter variance of 18 to 20 inches (Depending on grade), while in the rear zone takes its role roof spoiler discrete size, the headlamps LED technology and tailpipes integrated into the bottom of the bumper.

Fourth generation Lexus RXInterior technology and luxury

According to the first photos Lexus RX, Japanese company spares no efforts to offer a outstanding finishes and a high quality materials. The technology quickly begins to seduce both driver and the other companions, with systems like HUD (Head Up Display) projection information on the windshield and system connectivity, navigation and entertainment endowed with a great high-resolution screen size 12.3 inches.

Occupant of rear seats, Lexus promises more space available for both legs and knees stop. The side rear seats have heating pass and can be folded in a 60/40 ratio. This area travelers can enjoy their favorite entertainment content through two new screens 11.6 inches placed after the headrests of the front seats.

A gasoline hybrid

Initially, Lexus confirmed for RX IV a power supply consists of two alternatives. In both cases and in the absence of the official publication of data consumption and CO2 emissions, the luxury brand of Toyota ensures that the RX is much more efficient. Specifically, first it announced in a version RX 300 gasoline engined 3.5 V6 direct injection 300 hp and, secondly, the RX 450h hybrid variant which combines a gasoline engine 3.5 V6 Atkinson cycle with an electric motor-generator (the total yield of the hybrid system is 300 hp).

Chassis & Safety

Lexus ensures that the new fourth-generation RX It has increased torsional rigidity of the body. The suspension system has also been optimized, while highlighting for the first time in the RX the availability of a system adaptive variable suspension (AVS).

Fourth generation Lexus RXThe overall system security and of attending driving Lexus Safety System also adds value to the new RX IV. Among the many devices include the PCS system Pre-Crash can automatically stop in certain circumstances, the system of monitoring and warning of involuntary change lanes, automatic control shift from short to long and back lights, angle control dead, the peripheral monitoring system View Monitor, adaptive cruise control Radar cruise control and rear control system traffic intersections and junctions.

It grows in almost all dimensions

With 4.89 m long, 1.89 m wide and 1.69 m high, he new Lexus RX IV It grows in 12 cm long and 1 cm in width, while the height is less in 1 cm. The distance between axis increases from 2.74 m to RX III 2,79 m (+5 cm) of this fourth generation.