Ferrari F60 America, a gem only 10 lucky

Ferrari F60 AmericaFerrari F60 AmericaFerrari F60 AmericaFerrari F60 America

No one can deny the worldwide popularity of Ferrari. In this case, the mark Maranello celebrates its big 60 years in North America with the launch of the F60 America special edition.

Ferrari has confirmed that only manufacture 10 units of the F60 America (Apparently, the 10 units are already sold). The number of units to be produced coincide with those that once the Italian firm also offered one of the classic jewels Fictitious more by collectors like the 275 GTS4 NART Spider 1967 -the convertible version of 275GTB4-.

He motor which will boost the Ferrari F60 America It is known 6.3 V12 mounted in a central-front position, whose specific power has not been announced (in Berlinetta F12, V12 this yields 740 hp Y 660 hp in FF). The fact that other officially known is the acceleration, the announcement that this exclusive convertible from canvas roof You can reach 100 km / h standing start in only 3.1 seconds.

Another interesting element Ferrari F60 America It is that it is able to close the hood canvas with the vehicle running, as long as not exceeding 120 km / h speed.

Outside costume Ferrari F60 America highlights its duotone body in blue with white stripes, image and likeness of several racing teams with which Ferrari has participated in several races held on American soil. Aesthetically and security level, highlight the two rollover protective placed behind the seats covered in leather and competition seats and quality materials that are spread inside.

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