Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, sporting fresh start

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, now with 401 hpMercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, now with 401 hpMercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, now with 401 hpMercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, now with 401 hp

Needless to say what the acronyms mean AMG in Mercedes cars. The sportsmanship at its maximum level of expression repeated in the latest generation of Mercedes Class E. Waiting for the E63 AMG version in the previous release boasted of 558 and 585 hp, the star brand presents the most sporty and powerful in its midsize sedan so far .

He Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic new under the hood one 3.0 V6 biturbo engine. The Germans have installed two larger new turbos and closer to the mechanics, so the answer is, as most direct Mercedes. If we talk about power, this amounts to 401 CV (34 hp more than the previous generation) and maximum torque of 53 mkg at 2,500 rpm. Experience taken in F1 is also seen in this mechanical, with a special coating on the cylinder liner reduces friction and increases to efficiency.

Associated with a 9G-Tronic automatic change (Also modified and updated) and the AWD 4MATIC, in which predominates the rear axle on a 31:69 distribution of engine power, the benefits E43 AMG 4Matic Mercedes-duper are: 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and a tip speed 250 km / h. As for efficiency, says 8.3 liters per 100 km mixed consumption and 189 g / km of CO2.

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, innate sportsmanship

Sports doses in this version of the German sedan have them beyond the design or mechanics. The suspensions, pneumatic E43 AMG 4Matic for this, and dampers, adaptive, They have seen much of their modified components and a greater rigidity, in addition both axes with even more negative camber. Four-wheel drive system, meanwhile, has been modified its scheme to achieve greater effectiveness and simplicity in sending torque to the front axle, with an external system to the gearbox.

They could not miss the different driving modes available 'Dynamic Select' Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic of: 'Eco', 'Comfort', 'Sport', 'Sport Plus' and 'Individual' modify laws address more directly than before, suspensions and engine response to the driver's choice. In the most efficient way, 'Eco', the transmission disengages the engine to achieve greater efficiency. Finally, the braking system has about ventilated discs larger, 360 mm in both axes and with four pistons at the front.

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic, a design height

both elegant body and the interior of the Mercedes E43 AMG care 4Matic add to the sports 'fashion' that mark the acronym AMG. At the front, with three openings for engine cooling and bright chrome and black on the grid and other points outside. The 19 inch wheels (Optional 20) mark the profile view, like the diffuser, the exhaust outlets and rear spoiler sports do at the rear of the German sedan.

At inside, no shortage of sports and quality details, as sports leather seats, with improved lateral support (AMG optional seats), exclusive pedals, red stitching way of contrast on the steering wheel, multifunction 4.5 inch screen, design checkered flag in the speedometer and a long and so unique.

He Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic It will be presented at the New York International Auto Show which takes place this March. No go on sale, yes, until the month of September.

Mercedes E43 AMG 4Matic

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