Buying Guide: small monocab Diesel

Buying Guide: small monocab DieselBuying Guide: small monocab DieselBuying Guide: small monocab DieselBuying Guide: small monocab Diesel

There are smaller, below four meters in length, such as the Suzuki Splash and the Opel Agila (3.74 m) or newcomers VAG Group, Seat Mii, Skoda and Volkswagen City Up¡ (3.56 m ). A segment cars developed to suit the city as almost unique, but with forms of monovolumen to confer superior habitability, with a meager trunk, but comfortable for four main stage. But who wants a Minivan format versatility, plus interior space and luggage capacity and expand its range with more possibilities, relying on greater poise on the road and motorization possibilities without giving up a content size, in the next step of the market you will find a greater number of possibilities.

A category which has shown a boom in recent times, with hints of further growth with new brands looking for a slice of the cake. MPVs B, with a length between the 4.05 and 4.10 m long, of which stands out clearly only the Meriva with a size closer to that Astra Corsa, despite using the platform of the latter. Because the rest are themselves in proportions external of the largest utility, that only clearly exceed height (about 8 extra cm).

This translates into a more usable interior, with a width close to offering a compact five-door, clearly superior height, a higher driving position. Not both longitudinal space, which in most cases is even lower by hollow knee of the passengers in the rear seats, since they make grow in volumenal trunk and more flexible possibilities utilization. All adopt solutions set the rear space, giving more volume to the boot or the rear seats as required, with seats longitudinally movable, which can be folded on their backs or whole, in halves, hidden volumes under the floor and upper trays that are easily removed to seize the high ground.

The Diesel versions Are the most sought and, in all, a variant found around 90 CV associated perfectly with his philosophy. And prices from 14,000 euros, with the possibility of to benefit in any event discounts PIVE plan.

C3 Picasso 1.6 HDi / 90

Citroën C3 PicassoPrice from 17,260 euros

Engine: 1.6 92 hp

Consumption: 4.2 l / 100 km

Porter: 430-560 liters

Faces its final cycle after reaching the market in 2008, having undergone a restyling a year ago to update its image and expand the possibilities of equipment. Dispose of four engine, two HDi (92 and 115 hp) and two VTi petrol (95 and 120 hp), which combines with a variety of trim levels. Result very comfortable, with a moron very soft suspensions, moving agility in city and swiftly in trunk roads, being narrower in very crooked paths.

The rear bench It is displaceable 14 cm longitudinally, allowing you to increase the capacity for some and interesting 430 liters, to 560.

In favor: Ride comfort and modularity trunk.

Against: Body roll and holding front seats.

Fiat 500L 1.3 Multijet / 85

Fiat 500LPrice from 17,000 euros

Engine: 1.3 85 hp

Consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km

Porter: 410-505 liters

Has nothing to do with the 500L 500, a model that stands just on the contrary, by having a inside broad fruit of body shapes designed for that purpose, provide great habitability and a high-volume trunk. Besides much space, it shows large doses of versatility in configuration, with longitudinally slidable rear seat, with the possibility of dividing it into two asymmetrical halves to configure multiple possibilities of space, based on the use we want to give to the displacements, prioritizing the load or habitability. With proper behavior, not shown very precise cornering, with more pronounced roll and limited agility against other rivals.

In favorModularity trunk and livability.

Against: Steering feel at low speed. Interior noise levels.

Ford B-Max 1.6 TDCi / 95
Ford B-MaxPrice from 18,350 euros

Engine: 1.6 95 hp

Consumption: 4.0 l / 100 km

Porter: 370 liters

On the Fiesta platform, Ford has developed this original MPV format utility. A functional model, which brings hallmark of the Sliding rear doors system, which it allows a huge gap of more than a meter wide, given the absence of the central pillar, to access the rear seats with maximum comfort and minimal effort, driving the rear seats easily to distribute the load. Its consideration the greater effort required handling of the two sliding doors from inside given its weight. In addition, the B-Max stands for effectiveness demonstrating its frame road, with a very precise steering feel and solid tread curve.

In favor: Ease of access to the carrier and behavior.

Against: Management of complex sliding doors from the inside. Flexibility over other rivals.

Hyundai ix20 1.4 CRDi / 90
Hyundai ix20Price from 17,740 euros

Engine: 1.4 90 hp

Consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km

Porter: 470-565 liters

After the disappearance of the Matrix, Hyundai did not have in its range for our market any minivan. With the ix20 recovers this format, sharing the platform used in Kia Venga, more specialized in this format. With 4,10 m of length, Make the maximum he interior space, to offer a truly spacious interior, in proportion the best body size with his lookalike, Kia Venga. It is in line with the representatives of this category by flexibility, being movable rear seats lengthwise 14 cm individually into two halves, the same as when folding the backrests.

In favor: Use of space and trunk volume.

Against: Unsophisticated and slow recoveries Motor.

Come Kia 1.6 CRDi / 116

Kia VengaPrice from 19,606 euros

Engine: 1.6 116 hp

Consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km

Porter: 470-565 liters

Kia really has two suceptibles cars fall into this category, with the relaunch of Soul, now in its second generation. But this with a more casual and youthful design and MPV line less marked, neither offers the usual interior flexibility of this segment. If you answer all these conditions the Come on, besides design differentiated interior and an external image with the current design language of the brand that clearly differentiates the twin model Hyundai offers a range of engines staggered differently. It composed of a variant 90 hp petrol, in Diesel There are two options 1.6 115 and 128 hp, no engine offering 90 hp 1.4. It stands out as the ix20 for excellent indoor use and the rear bench seat displaceable in half lengthwise.

In favor: Ride comfort and modularity trunk.

Against: Body roll and holding front seats.

Nissan Note 1.5 dCi / 90

Nissan NotePrice from 16,000 euros

Engine: 1.5 90 hp

Consumption: 3.6 l / 100 km

Porter: 325 liters

Second generation Nissan Note, a modern image that is also transferred to a inside simple and functional, with instruments accompanied by leds to promote more efficient driving. The rear bench moves longitudinally and backrests are folded by halves. He trunk, without being very large, offers very regular shapes, having a glove compartment under the floor 42 liters to keep hidden from view lumps. Enter support systems driving unusual in this segment as lane departure warning or proximity of a lateral vehicle, cameras to control the environment of the body maneuvering or advanced connectivity system. In Diesel This version only offers 1.5 dCi 92 hp, low power consumption and excellent touch.

In favorTechnical systems driving aid and connectivity. Behavior.

Against: Dry suspension. Few equipment options available.

Opel Meriva 1.3 CDTi / 95

Opel MerivaPrice from 19.065 euros

Engine: 1.3 95 hp

Consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km

Porter: 395-460 liters

As in the B-Max, the Meriva offers a system door opening marking his personality, in this case contrary to the front doors open. favor A better access to the interior, although management from within is somewhat less comfortable than traditional ones. The seats have longitudinal independent regulation and of inclination of the backrests, It is making it easy to adopt a comfortable position or set the rear seats according to the needs of each moment. It is the largest category, with 4.30 m in length, which is reflected in the interior in all its dimensions. Road is more comfortable than effective, with three steps power for variants Diesel: 95 bhp 1.3 and 1.6 of 110 and 136 hp.

In favor

Against: Opening and closing the rear doors from the inside.