The new Mercedes SUV arriving: GLA, GLB, EQ …

New SUV from Mercedes: the G arrivingNew SUV from Mercedes: the G arrivingNew SUV from Mercedes: the G arrivingNew SUV from Mercedes: the G arriving

In the recent Frankfurt Motor Show he played show power. And I assure you that they have succeeded. his Mercedes-AMG Project ONE He became one of the most admired models of a room that also played discuss future. And immediate future. And what future. EQ, the range of electrical models, It is already underway and A concept EQ leaves already clear that the Mimbres are "ready" so that this prolific range see the light. They promise nothing less than ten integrated in this range for the next few years cars, among which there are at least two variants will body SUV: A compact and other large size -te below- talk about them ... Okay, we're at the beginning of the next decade and still some years, but in the meantime, their the "G" more conventional Mercedes will experience a great evolution. Toca fine tune its current products, update architectures, optimizes also returns and, above all, increase supply. Today surrounded not only its German rivals, but brands such as Alfa Romeo or Jaguar and Land Rover, which continue to enrich the offer. And with so much movement, Mercedes It has a great roadmap for the coming years. These are the new SUV to arrive next years.

Mercedes GLA. Touch settling new bases

Next to Mercedes GLC, the GLA compact SUV is the second SUV sales more weight in markets where it is present, and the first for the Spanish market. Since its emergence, has been gaining support within his own brand -customers Class A- and especially outside thanks to a wide range of configurations that also offers relatively simple chassis and engines, allowing access a Mercedes SUV at prices well competitive. Although recently renovated and improved -here have a test last model-, its completely new generation begins to take shape for make themselves known and sold in 2019. It is not, let alone a clean slate, but this model and all its derivatives MERCEDES Class A, CLA, etc- it has come time to give, industrially speaking, a big step forward, releasing therefore an entirely new architecture that will give more play and flexibility and range when making different versions and combine different mechanical parts. So, you will not see a major change in exterior design even under your skin, take the next GLA MFA2 platform. Plus lightness, plus battle, higher track width, plus cabin space, volume and mechanical load. Although the forms will remain continuistas, next GLA also volume gains to acquire more presence SUV. Within the environment it will rotate a design and concept closer to Class C and E, with plenty of digital displays -optional- protagonists box or dashboard clocks. But the GLA will have more surprises, and not just mechanical. Just change paragraph and see.

Mercedes SUV futureMercedes GLA Coupé. A peer

BMW has already taught the teeth X2, Jaguar already has its E-Pace ready for takeoff, Audi will not miss your appointment Q4... Mercedes is not willing to make way for competition. GLA on the future and on the same line as the GLC and GLE, compact coupe define a much more muscular and dynamic silhouette which, yes, will direct consideration in the interior capacity. It is not expected even a specific tuning nor a selection of the best engines the GLA range, where, incidentally, news ahead. Although there will still synergies with Renault for Diesel small, the GLA will have the own engine premiered in Class E, a modern and efficient 2.0 liters perfectly adapted to align platforms transverse engine and powers 150-190 CV, while gasoline breaks we only particulate filter on known engines, but also landed one 2.0 liters of new generation originally designed to use 48-volt technology.

Mercedes GLB, A GLA seven?

Basically, yes, but with its own name. It will measure about 4.55 meters long, but no "shall be eaten" the GLC, much less. It will be the seventh variant derived from the MFA2 platform as we've told you, premiered GLA, in particular its maximum expression dimensionally speaking. Greater functionality compared to GLA not only results in an higher total volume, but a clearly higher capacity, counting, depending on version, with a third row of seats. versions are also expected more "off-road" the GLA "atomized" with suspensions and wheels linked specific tensile 4Matic and electronics with defined mode for driving off-road warranty.

Mercedes GLC, back to the last screw

Although the Mercedes GLC will not fail to evolve in terms of design, equipment and engines, not until the next decade when they experience a generational change "real". And it will slipstream the currently most important for Mercedes model, the C-Class W206- -generation. will jump on both models to MRA2 modular architecture, evolution of the current MRA -Real Wheel Arquitecture- will bring not only new materials or less weight, but also greater flexibility to reconcile different propulsion technologies, between them, plug-in hybrids with up to 200 km of autonomy they leave leeway to fully electric EQ future. Also turn the AMG V8 improved, although between the two extremes s, great prominence of four-cylinder engines in petrol and diesel, without missing the appointment or the new 6-cylinder -here you have all the information of the new engine family or Mercedes- unpublished transmission technologies.

Mercedes SUV EQ futureEQ range SUV, the "others" G

Based on the EQ A Concept, he A SUV will be the first of the EQ to jump-start. By using a pair of electric motors, one per axle, It offers all-wheel drive available different driving modes varying, besides other parameters, the distribution of both engines force transmitted to each train, which can be achieved not only a good performance and agility on the road, but also a high tractability on complicated surfaces or, if necessary, off-road tracks. Do not, no new models will be highly specialized range for serious adventures, but will add versatility of use regarding the saloons bodies derived. They will use lithium-ion new generation with close to five hundred kilometers autonomy. It is rumored that a starting price slightly above 40,000 euros. Later, the EQ-E SUV, the GLE similar proportions will show the second motor and battery pack are available for this new range.

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