BMW M5 2018: first images of the future all-wheel drive M5 …

First images of the future BMW M5 2018 ... the most bestial saloon.First images of the future BMW M5 2018 ... the most bestial saloon.First images of the future BMW M5 2018 ... the most bestial saloon.First images of the future BMW M5 2018 ... the most bestial saloon.

One of the innovations that BMW will show us in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show is the future BMW M5 developed over the recent 5 Series G30... but we can already see how it will be. In have posted some photos from a video that has been leaked on a Chinese website, where you can see just the way will definitely be the next BMW M5.

At first glance it can be seen that the new BMW M5 have a paragolpes Forward bottom plugs with larger ventilation in other versions of the Series 5. Also as shown, the slats of the characteristic "double kidney" BWM They are painted in black. He paragolpes rear It presents a new design, with features that enhance the sportiness of the M5, enhanced with double tailpipe and the central diffuser. And do not miss a discreet spoiler on the trunk lid. The fins also seem widened compared to other versions of the Series 5, and also the rims They are specific. The end result is sporty and elegantly understated, but do not be fooled.

BMW M5 2018 Frankfurt Motor ShowA few weeks ago we learned of some of the technical features of the future M5 ... that scary. It has remained the block V8 Twin Turbo 4.4, but power has risen up to 600 hp (Previously 560 hp). Also gains a relationship over the change, which is no longer the DKG dual clutch, the ZF Steptronic torque converter 8 speed. But most striking will be the new transmission.

Although purists result go against nature and history of the M (excludes SUV X5 and X6) BMW He has given the almost obligatory step to develop the new M5 with AWD... as it happened in the "ring" Mercedes with its E AMG. Definitely, BMW Y Mercedes They have finished using the natural setting Audi and in this case the RS6. But surely the transmission integral of the M5 It will be well received by more disappointed. BMW It has developed a transmission three modes Operating: comprehensive, integrated rear-wheel drive sport and! this mode disengages the center differential, so that the M5 would work as a conventional RWD. With Active rear differential and 600 hp stressing its rear tires, the future M5 will require nerves of steel and a lot of expertise to realize its full potential. But suffice activate 4WD mode to redirect the M5 on track.

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