Seat Ibiza 2017: impressions of its design and interior

Seat Ibiza 2017: this is its exterior design and interioSeat Ibiza 2017: this is its exterior design and interioSeat Ibiza 2017: this is its exterior design and interioSeat Ibiza 2017: this is its exterior design and interio

We assist in first person the premiere of the new Seat Ibiza 2017, the fifth generation one of the most popular in the recent history of the Spanish automotive cars, an automobile will reach our market in June this year.

In this first contact with the New Seat Ibiza, We can assure you that is not a spectacularly striking design by adding groundbreaking aesthetic elements. It could be a mini Lion because although there are many strokes taken evolved from his older brother. It will not be a flashy first car on the street because to see who is the handsome who dares to radically modify a design that has been operating and how in recent years. It is true that the new Seat Ibiza DNA holds the brand now look almost Ateca Seat newcomer and Seat Leon renovated 2017, although with little touches that "magnify" as a hood with more "nerve" more steps sculpted wheel in Leon, lateral nerves that interact in parallel, a rear light biting much on the sides...

In general, we believe that the Seat Ibiza 2017 It is well proportioned, with greater width for the set to win aesthetic presence and interior space, battle to win more space for knees and occupants of the rear seats, as well as significantly increase the boot capacity and lower its loading mouth for easy tasks with packages -the trunk has Background two heights, with the top being flush with the rear seats perfectly when folded to generate a loading surface perfectly flat-.

Interior Seat Ibiza 2017Seat Ibiza 2017: we were seated inside

When we take a seat at Seat Ibiza 2017 we appreciate a dashboard with a center console are looking for the driver to provide everything you need in terms of ergonomics, comfort and safety. Nice modern interior design I appreciate some fluffy and not all plastic in some of the key sites, those who like to play and in which like minimally sink the finger. Will this exclusive detail to his later brothers Volkswagen Polo made in Pamplona or Audi A1 made in Martorell? We thought that the shots can go here.

In the rear seats, good access to them and with plenty of room for knees and head, result of a battle increases by nine centimeters and a position of the occupants very depressed. It is also noteworthy that the lateral visibility for the rear occupants can be mortgaged in the case of children or persons of short stature, in addition to mounting a bulky central tunnel which can subtract the fifth space. Visibility maneuvers also can be somewhat hampered by a base of the C pillar with much impact on the angle of our gaze to turn your head to the right. First impressions that will touch endorse or correct in our first contact in four months.