In 2025, BMW will have up to 12 cars hundred percent electric

In 2025, BMW will have up to 12 cars hundred percent electric

BMW will offer up to 25 models electrified by 2025, 12 of them are one hundred percent electric, with autonomies of up to 700 kilometers. This was announced by the president of the brand, Harald Krüger, a signature event in Munich. It has also ensured that the increased production of electrified patterns will affect all series models BMW group, including Rolls-Royce brands and BMW M.

"As a pioneer in electric mobility, we began to test our vehicle fleet mini E Electric in 2008. A valuable knowledge was integrated into our first fully electric car production, BMW i3, The original "noted Harald Krüger. "The BMW i3 has been the best selling electric car in the world in its segment since its launch in 2013. We are successfully transferring technology to other models BMW i ".

The president went on to explain that "we are very proud to offer customers the widest range of premium cars electrified worldwide. This fall, we will have ten electrified vehicles available: Nine cars and electrified our evolution C-electric ". "This year we will deliver 100,000 electrified vehicles to customers. At the end of 2017, there will be a total of more than 200,000 vehicles on the road electrified BMW Group ".

Developments in the Frankfurt

The president has confirmed that the company will present at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt a new four-door electric car that will be positioned between the i3 and i8 hybrid sports models. In addition, you can see the concept of the new Mini E Electric, whose launch is scheduled for 2019. "As we announced, we will have a X3 electric variant 2020. A little earlier, in 2018, the range of electric and hybrid plug-in cars BMW will expand with the arrival of the expected spectacular BMW i8 Roadster. And as colophon, it is scheduled to BMW iNEXT, our next spearhead of innovation for 2021". It will be 100% electric car and autonomous driving.