A new BMW Isseta for the city of the future? Yes!

BMW Isseta, what would in the XXI Century?BMW Isseta, what would in the XXI Century?BMW Isseta, what would in the XXI Century?BMW Isseta, what would in the XXI Century?

So far the BMW Isseta It is, without doubt, one of the rarest cars ever created. Its small dimensions 2.3 meters long circulated only allowed one person inside, but, certainly, parking was not a problem for their owners. Over the years, cars have been increasing their size, which has been a headache when parking in increasingly saturated cities. And if the solution was to return to the origins?

This must have thought Justin Hyunjung Cho, a Japanese designer has proposed BMW Isseta renewal particularly as a solution to parking in big cities and carpooling. According to Justin, this particular vehicle would have a very promising future where it is increasingly difficult to find an empty hole.

To adapt to changing times, the designer has hardly changed some aesthetic details of the original body, even it argues that the door remains in the front, although its opening would take place vertically to save space. Inside, up to two passengers may enjoy autonomous driving, since this BMW Isseta lacks the classic controls (up wheel).

It seems that we still have to see spending a few years until we can meet these types of cars in our cities, but the idea is original and seem to have much future ahead. And who knows, maybe BMW is set in Justin designs to offer to be a micro urban with the best capabilities for urban mobility.

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