Honda Civic vs VW Golf: mourning compact 2017

Honda Civic 2017 vs. VW Golf 2017: What will be better?Honda Civic 2017 vs. VW Golf 2017: What will be better?Honda Civic 2017 vs. VW Golf 2017: What will be better?Honda Civic 2017 vs. VW Golf 2017: What will be better?

If we analyze the sales charts around the world you will see the impact, quickly, the Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Civic. He First is the undisputed King of sales in Europe, It is long the best-selling compact, occupying the second position in the world ranking only behind Toyota CorollaOther incontestable compact planetary success. the Honda Civic, meanwhile, occupies the Global position number 11, achieved mainly by its large sales in the United States and the Asian market. Alongside them, only the Toyota Corolla and said Ford Focus (No. 4 worldwide) stand up to our protagonists in the category of compact cars.

There is no doubt, therefore, that while attending the premiere of the tenth generation the Honda Civic and the last update the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf (completely new octave will come in 2018) will be a major event in 2017. The mourning as it is served next spring, because there is no doubt that we are facing two of the most complete cars in its class. But what exactly now they provide each with its renewal?

Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf: space

Already announced for begin to be sold in March, we have been able to see live the new Honda Civic that officially presented at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. With a renewed image and follows the pattern of the latest designs of the mark (as the Honda HR-V), he Japanese compact da undoubtedly the growth spurt: it grows 13 centimeters to get now to the 4.50 meters and be the longest models in its class. Thus, the Civic, already in his last comparisons with the current model proved to be the broadest of its kind, promises even more space.

Honda Civic 2017With three centimeters battle too, Honda Civic ensures that have 4 cm more leg, maintaining a trunk now stands at just over 400 liters. With a very low driving position, this model does not shun still a sportier ambience, to which also redesigns inside, now with a new, deeper and capable, more tactile controls center console, and ultimate connectivity to a new instrumentation formed by three digital TFT. Albeit with the repositioning of a fuel tank that was previously under the front seats, now it seems to lose some versatility without the fantastic "Magic Seat": the rear bench folded vertically to allow transporting bulky objects.

For his part, Volkswagen Golf, waiting for its eighth generation, it will be updated not as deeply. Yet we have not seen, nor the brand has presented, but we can will not come on revolutionary changes. his length it will be around again a few demure 4.25 meters that, yes, they will not stop you again have one of the largest cockpits of the class nor with a trunk which also brings to 400 liters: today officially 380 cubic.

If not advance exterior design rather than slightly molded optical lines (as is usually standard Volkswagen), as in space, this new VW Golf itself will bring more innovations in interior design, as it is shown by the Autoblohg site in the Netherlands. It premiered at the Golf R Touch Concept prototype, now mount a touch screen on the dashboard larger and many more features. In addition, it could also have control system the driver gesture recognition.

VW Golf 2017Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf: engines

Toca and review the ranges that offer new Honda Civic and VW Golf and, as before, more changes in one than in another, but with new clashes which will have to talk. Especially gasoline. Yes, because with all the latest information that seem to point to Diesel as the evil of all, there will greatest revolution in gasoline. The Civic will start the moment its range in this fuel only for what opens an important engine 1.0 turbo 3-cylinder and 129 hp. He duel It is served with spectacular 1.0 TSI 115 hp and three cylinders which remains the jewel in the crown of New Volkswagen Golf. What will be faster and consume less? Very good will be the Honda to overcome the already contrasted the Golf TSI.

Above, too there will be room for four cylinders. Yes because Honda also debuts a 1.5 VTEC Turbo engine with 182 hp that promises to delight for softness, comfort and performance. Both also will come with manual and automatic transmission CVT continuously variable. At confrontation direct, this new engine should be in front of the engine 1.4 TSI VW, which continue with 125 and 150 hp, the ACT cylinder deactivation system: Will be less powerful and therefore less faster than Honda, but should offer greater efficiency. We'll see.

Honda Civic: InteriorFor him Diesel duel will have to wait and more. Yes because Grand i-DTEC 1.6 120 hp with which Honda has been imposed in all sorts of categories for how well it runs and how little you spend, will not reach the new Civic until the end of 2017. Yes, then it takes even an associated new automatic dual-clutch gearbox and gears 9. With this engine, the Civic It will face the 110 hp 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI 150 Golf. And here we expect otherwise in gasoline: much will have to improve the Golf to reach the performance Civic.

And eye Volkswagen on electric, it also foreshadows a new compact, this time of itself and detached from the Golf development, which will be 100% electric to promise up to 600 km of autonomy: Then yes wins by hand Honda.

Interior VW Golf 2017Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf: Dynamic

just this imaginary duel between future Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf with a brief review of the dynamic that hope. Yes, because here the Japanese compact hopes to play new cards to beat the always balanced and easy to drive Volkswagen Golf. In its new dimensions, a body weight advertised lighter 16 kilos and his fiancee greater rigidity, this new Civic will include an unprecedented adaptive damping developed by Showa.

Honda engineers and promise with its new Civic aspire to "be reference driveability among compact"Aiming to ensure equal with Audi. So, as you read. For it will offer Multi-link always a rear suspension (VW Golf equips in certain higher, as for the rest uses the simplest torsional axis) mounting anchors suspensions on hydraulic supports.

Little new present for its part, a Volkswagen Golf yes can continue riding the DCC adaptive suspension and to be hAcers strong in its lighter and smaller than the Civic. The balance between comfort and agility already have it, so now remains to be seen how far they will be able to get the Honda Civic.

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