Skoda’s new SUV could debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Skoda's new SUV could debut at the Geneva Motor Show

It was envisaged that the new SUV Skoda is filed during the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October. However, a developed image on the Facebook page of Skoda Czech Republic could advance a imminent presentation. The new Czech SUV, which could be called Skoda Snowman (or Skoda Kodiak, according to other rumors), will probably be one of the protagonists of Geneva Motor Show, to be held in March.

Only future data are known Skoda car. What seems certain is that it will be a SUV which will be available in versions five seven seats and share many features with the second generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan. The Skoda Snowman, to be called that, come seated on the MQB modular platform Volkswagen Group.

Skoda is planning 'something big', as they say on their Facebook, and this could be the new Skoda Snowman, a car would be around 4.64 meters long, a step above the Skoda Yeti. precisely Yeti will be next on the list within the renewed offensive of the Czech brand SUV.

In the coming weeks we will know more concrete details of Skoda surprise for Geneva, a secret, so far, very well kept.

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