New Subaru WRX and WRX STI: renewal of the sporting icon

Subaru mechanics revises its image and sportier modelSubaru mechanics revises its image and sportier modelSubaru mechanics revises its image and sportier modelSubaru mechanics revises its image and sportier model

He Subaru WRX these cars is legendary for its sporting history, since his predecessor, Subaru Impreza, was protagonist in those World Rally of the Group A. Subaru WRX STI today pays no powers in the highest competition, but gives users enjoy a car that has been the basis for competing in rallies.

By the spring of this 2017 We see the new Subaru WRX with its front redesigned, like the STI, it noted for having much larger grills. Look Subaru WRX It also becomes more sophisticated with optional full directional LED headlights, common innovation for STI.

He Subaru WRX continues to win motor kind boxer from 4-cylinder, direct injection Turbo 2.0, for which they are declared 268 hp. The transmission is integral permanent deal symmetrical base and has the system Active Torque Vectoring, varying the torque between the wheels of the same axle to promote traction and cornering performance. He Subaru WRX comes standard with a manual transmission from 6 speed and offers a optional automatic transmission kind CVT (Sport Lineartronic) with sequential manual mode.

The suspension lead Y rear present new settings of its elements to improve stability and comfort WRX, according Subaru. They have also worked significantly in the gear lever, improving synchronization and the frictions for more precise handling. And others have been smoothing operation clutch. The electric power steering (EPS) also has been revised to provide a smoother, more natural feel. It has also reduced the weight. The 18-inch wheels show a new design and reveal a showy tweezers painted Red color. Improved braking capacity fitted with a new pills signed by JURID. Inside, arriving optional Recaro seats with electric adjustments.

Subaru WRX STI 2017

For his part, Subaru WRX STI, also takes advantage of a new tuning of their suspensions, opens first 19 inch wheels. Where appropriate, new black colored rims reveal some impressive brake calipers yellow identifying the Brembo supplier. The front calipers are 6-piston monoblock and rear also monobloc, two pistons. The four discs are perforated and larger pickups. With greater contact area, it has improved braking power and resistance to fatigue. Tire measures are 245/35 R19 and also to increase the yield curve, emphasize the aesthetic aggressiveness Subaru WRX STI.

The traction Symmetrical AWD Subaru WRX STI System features DCCD varying the distribution between axle. If before the limited-slip center differential combined mechanical and electronic shares, now control is fully electronic and as announced Subaru You have won speed Y smoothness transitions. The engine remains a 2.5 bóxer 4 cylinder turbo that pays 305 hp. He WRX STI System features Muti-Mode varying laws DCCD performance.

But not all the "pure competition". The WRX Y WRX STI also they have been "humanized" inside. They have improved interior materials; including a rear armrest with cupholders, redesigned door handles, and installed fast remote opening system boot. It has also been improved acoustic comfort increasing the thickness of the windows, improving the closing of the doors and introducing foam filling in the top of the windshield.

On the other hand, the full range opens a new larger multifunction display (5.9 inches vs. 4.3 the previous inches) makes it easier to see the functions of the vehicle at a glance. And there are the corresponding time security systems: emergency braking system, head up display and a replacement system torn assistant in tow, that automatically keeps the car braking in any situation, such as when we stand before a red light.

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