Infiniti QX50 2016, aesthetic touches and technological premium

Infiniti QX50 2016Infiniti QX50 2016Infiniti QX50 2016Infiniti QX50 2016

2015 represents for the luxury brand of Nissan, Infiniti, the arrival of the new top-end SUV, the QX80, with the renewed Q70 and, as we shall see, that of too updated QX50. He Mid-size SUV Japanese firm, halfway between the QX70 and QX30 future, arrives with new aesthetic in its body and a passenger compartment and technological burden on board lot higher.

The dimensions vary significantlyThe length of the new Infiniti QX50 increases in 114 mm, while the wheelbase makes 81 mm; ground clearance, meanwhile, growing in 10 mm versions propulsion and 20 mm in the AWD. In this way, the interior space wins, It is resulting in a second row of looser for occupants seats.

Infiniti QX50 2016

At Exterior, Infiniti QX50 the updates its front and rear bumpers, features a sleeker grille, new LED headlights, mirrors renewed with flashing lights and new rear spoiler integrated LED. The tires are 18 inch alloy, but optionally (and as finishing) may choose new 19 inch. Inside, the dashboard boasts forms a 'double wave' and a color touch screen 7 inch chair the center console. Material quality and care for details remain, the predominant garnishing leather with aluminum.

Between the technological elements including, highlight the navigation system Infiniti, system voice recognition, music streaming, Bluetooth and USB, Bose sound system, hands-free phone and satellite radio 'SiriusXM', among other guests safety and comfort . In addition, it is included for four years without any cost the 'Infiniti Personal Assistant', which provides the driver with useful information and services for your trip (weather, hotel reservations, restaurants, etc).

Infiniti QX50 2016

Infiniti QX50 updated is still powered by the 3.7 V6 petrol engine, now with 325 hp and 36.9 mkg torque associated with a seven-speed automatic transmission, both rear propulsion variant as in-wheel drive. In Spain, the QX50 is also marketed under the 3.0 V6 turbodiesel engine of 238 hp. As for equipment refers, Infiniti announces four optional packs available'Premium'; the new 'Premium Plus' adds the navigation system and camera 360-degree panoramic view; the 'Deluxe Touring' pack, with 19-inch tires, and xenon; and the package 'Technology', which adds lane departure warning, intelligent control and adaptive cruise automatic braking assistant with pre collision warning and blind spot indicator.