Exclusive! Volkswagen Polo 2017, all its secrets

Volswagen Polo 2017: photos of all versionsVolswagen Polo 2017: photos of all versionsVolswagen Polo 2017: photos of all versionsVolswagen Polo 2017: photos of all versions

How could it be otherwise, the German brand wants the Volkswagen Polo 2017 remains a benchmark in its segment. To this end it will become one of the Utility largest European market, so that will grow from the current model pretty. Specific its size will increase about 20 centimeters, to reach a length of about 4,17 m.

Despite this, and given that It will be based on the MQB platform, It is estimated that weight 2017 Volkswagen Polo descend on average about 70 kilos, in order to remain below that critical threshold in the category represent the 1,000 kilos. Aesthetically it will offer a much more modern and technological image as you can see in the recreation of the sixth generation Schulte elaborated by our illustrator.

VW Polo 2017 engines2017 Volkswagen Polo: new engines

Mechanical offer future Volkswagen Polo 2017 will start with an engine 70 hp 1.0 TSI, we also have a decline of 100 hp, shared with other models of the Volkswagen Group. But, without doubt, an important novelty is the emergence of a plug-in hybrid version, with a pull chain formed by a three-cylinder gasoline and an electric motor.

But there will not be the thing, because a new family based on a block is expected Evo 1.5 TSI, that will unfold in three and four engine cylinders, advanced VNT, selective system cylinder deactivation and Miller cycle to increase reuse of the exhaust gas and increase efficiency, significantly reducing fuel consumption. It seems that this new engine family will emerge versions of 130 and 150 hp, Meanwhile he Polo GTI future It will use a 2.0 Turbo 200 hp.

Volkswagen Polo 2017: change of course

Yet this evolutionary plan, it seems clear that the German automaker wants taking a backseat to diesel engines after recent events that have affected him (see most important news of the scandal Dieselgate or Diesel emissions Volkswagen), to concentrate their efforts on efficient TSI engines and hybrid / electric alternatives, although obviously the Volkswagen Polo 2017 It will also feature turbodiesel versions, namely They will be based on a future 1.5 TDI which will replace the current 1.6 TDI.

VW Polo SUV 2017Technologically, the Volkswagen Polo 2017 It will also take a big leap. For example, an option will be offered a adaptive electronically controlled suspension, something that is more typical of higher segment cars and therefore unusual in the category of utilities. You can also set up a digital instrumentation and a new system of information and entertainment, featuring a large touch screen in the center of the dashboard, with the latest services connectivity. He Volkswagen Polo 2017 It will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show next year, to be sold shortly thereafter.

Volkswagen Polo SUV: the Polo "more Campero"

The new generation VW Polo You will also have a version SUV. It will no longer be a pole with "suit" -the surface of SUV known as Cross Polo-, but will have the most typical of a certain inclination of vehicle travel on land than asphalt characteristics.

In addition to this unprecedented VW Polo SUV, neither is discarded versions which more attractive and colorful, as more than likely Polo 3-door Coupé very sporty design and differential compared to variant "conventional" 5-door, and a more than exclusive "chic" Polo Cabrio. More information VW Polo SUV and the new 2017 VW Polo body styles.

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