The new Mini hundred percent electric, in 2019

The new Mini hundred percent electric, in 2019

Future plans include BMW and Mini versions hybrid plug or 100% power practically all its range of cars. Mini, which recently joined their offer the Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 E with plug-in hybrid technology, will continue its electrification strategy and it looks like it will be a Mini 100% electric with 3-door body.

And there was a Mini E Electric in 2009, although it was a small experimental fleet of cars and it did not reach production in large series. 600 units on a trial in the US, England and Germany, in cities that had surrendered infrastructure electric charging, for some customers could carry a pilot and validate some of the components that would be used later in the BMW i3. The car had a special battery charger recharged in 2.5 hours, which provided a theoretical range of 200 km. In this first mini E the rear seats were removed to make room for the batteries, which will not be necessary in the next Mini electric, thanks to advances in the field of batteries, which now provide a higher energy density and do not require much space.

In the future Mini electric, which share a platform with the Mini conventional batteries should be housed in the central tunnel below the cockpit and under the boot floor. In turn, expect to share technology with the BMW i3 in relation to batteries, electrical and electronic engine power Y autonomy should touch the 400 km.

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