Renault Captur Helly Hansen, the most adventurous version

Renault Captur Helly HansenRenault Captur Helly HansenRenault Captur Helly HansenRenault Captur Helly Hansen

He Renault Captur It's one of the 'Crossovers' small (4.12 meters) highlights in its segment, but the absence of 4x4 variants limits for possible use off-road '. The French brand takes a step forward in this direction and marketed from the months of June and September, according to the market, special variant and limited of the Captur, call Helly Hansen, that will camperas higher qualities.

To do this, Renault has given its small 'crossover' with Control drive system brand, released in Scénic X-Mod 2013. The call 'Extended Grip' It offers the driver three ways driving: 'Road', 'Loose Ground' and 'Expert', all of them always within conditions and with front-wheel drive specific tires 'M + S' ( 'Mud and Snow', mud and snow).

The first, the 'highway', mode is enabled by default for use in asphalt. The second way, of 'Soft ground', It is ideal for driving on rough terrain, such as mud, snow or sand, because the system itself controls the engine torque and brakes to the front wheels rotate faster. He mode "expert" manages the selective braking of one of the two front wheels, but always leaving the driver free to dispense acceleration and full control of torque. The 'Loose Ground' mode and 'Expert' function up to a maximum speed of 40 km / h, from which automatically enters the 'Road' mode.

Renault Captur Helly Hansen

aesthetic details

What we have seen so far it has to do with the intention of Renault Captur allow the driver somehow, face more challenging terrain. However, details of the limited edition 'Helly Hansen' go further. And the French brand has partnered with the Norwegian firm sports fashion Helly Hansen to give that special touch.

This way, you can choose two shades for outdoor bicolor, relying exclusively with the Color 'Red Desire', in combination with a black or white 'ivory' ceiling. This red hue is also found in various details of the interior, where predominates multimedia tablet with 'R-Link' system brand and touchscreen carbon fiber inserts on the wheel. They will also offer exclusive leather seats as standard equipment.

The other colore available on the Renault Captur Helly Hansen to the outside is the 'Ivory Delhi'. To this must be added the lower trims platinum gray 'ski', front and in the rear, the 17 inch wheels with diamond and black finish plate HH in honor of the signing of Norwegian clothing.

Our opinion

In the absence of all-wheel drive version of the Captur -Made in the Renault plant in Valladolid will reach the Spanish market from September -about prices yet confirmados- in this new limited edition called Helly Hansen. It will be associated with any small mechanics 'crossover' French: in our country it is marketed with petrol engines 0.9 TCe 90 hp and 1.2 TCe 120 hp and diesel 1.5 dCi 90 hp.