Range Rover 2018: more luxury, more technology and new plug-in hybrid

Range Rover 2018, the acme of luxury and exclusivity in SUV formatRange Rover 2018, the acme of luxury and exclusivity in SUV formatRange Rover 2018, the acme of luxury and exclusivity in SUV formatRange Rover 2018, the acme of luxury and exclusivity in SUV format

The year is still very, very intense in the Jaguar Land Rover group. In this 2018, both brands have unveiled electrification intentions, while in Jaguar, for example, all cars from 2020 will be electrified.

In the House" Land Rover, signature premium SUV Range Rover not for a while: we the Ensure new, developments in the range Range Rover Sport and now a "Actualizadísimo" Range Rover 2018, that like his brother "Sport", incorporates a plug-in hybrid variant.

Range Rover 2018

Range Rover P400e: Electric prominence

He plug-in hybrid system, Available in standard body and the long wheelbase is the same as we have recently known in the corresponding version of the Range Rover Sport. On the one hand, Ingenium petrol engine longitudinal position of 2.0 liters four cylinders (in the above range hybrids were SDV6 Diesel), which develops 330 hp power. On the other, a electric motor 85 kW (116 hp) located on the automatic transmission ZF eight-speed.

The combined power of the car is 404 hp and the pair of 65.3 mkg, It is resulting in an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds and a tip speed 220 km / h. The average consumption of the Range Rover is P400e 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers; CO2 emissions are estimated at 64 g / km.

The hundred percent power autonomy, thanks to its lithium-ion 13.1 kWh, is 51 kilometers. With a specific load point 32 amp, full-time charging mode is fast 2 hours and 45 minutes; a cable 10 amps, and would be 7 hours and 30 minutes. The driver can choose between two driving modes: "Parallel Hybrid", using both mechanical to optimize battery or save fuel, and "EV Mode", travel without emissions using only electric power.

Apart from saving on fuel and greater ride comfort and silence which involves driving in electric mode, this plug-in hybrid variant also brings advantages for off-road qualities of the Range Rover P400e thanks to "Land Rover Terrain Response 2": in own SUVs maneuvers, the system allows more precisely distribute the electric motor torque, winning a greater control by the driver who can benefit from the instant one pair.

Range Rover 2018

Range Rover 2018: aesthetic and technological developments

The update Range Rover was necessary, and even more so considering that the renewed recently arrived Range Rover Sport and the new Range Rover watch. Outside, we find a new grill which, in turn, hides making recharging the batteries in the plug-in hybrid version. front bumper, new gills, rear bumper with exhaust pipes built, new designs of alloy wheels, new specific packs for body ... Range Rover is not left behind in the aesthetic section.

Inside, more of the same in a space much changed. As the new SUV brand, reaches its flagship the multimedia system "Touch Pro Duo", that comes with two touch screens independent HD. The seating They are new, larger, heated and "softer" giving greater comfort and can be controlled by the mobile app: front now have 24 different positions to be set. If you want to relax, you have 25 programs massage; If you want to work, you can take advantage of 17 connection points available, as well as eight 4G WiFi access points.

Besides the new multimedia system, technological level, the 2018 Range Rover has systems like gestural parasol, he "Activity Key" to lock and unlock the car without a key, cabin air ionization and comprehensive range of ledes headlights available: Premium, Matrix, Pixel and "Pixels - Laser".

Range Rover 2018

2018 Range Rover: mechanical range

Mechanical variants of this update of the fourth installment of the Range Rover are plug-in hybrid before seen and SV-new Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic. Is the most powerful Range Rover created so far: V8 supercharged engine develops 565 hp (15 hp more than before), allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds.

In gasoline, also marketed the Range Rover engine 3.0 V6 supercharged 340 hp and another version of V8 5.0, but with 525 hp. In the range Diesel, send the engine TDV6 3.0 of 258 hp and the SDV8 4.4 of 339 hp.

The new Range Rover 2018 It is now available, although first deliveries will not occur until later this year or next start. Prices range from 109,800 euros, the diesel version of 258 hp, up to 200,200 euros SV variant of 565 hp. He RAnge Rover hybrid plug P400e does it move between 126,900 euros and 143,800 euros, depending on the finish and without adding the extras possible.

Range Rover 2018

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