Ford will launch more models SUV: the first, the new Expedition

The new Ford SUV comingThe new Ford SUV comingThe new Ford SUV comingThe new Ford SUV coming

The SUV are being vital for sales of car brands in key markets Europe Y U.S. The sales data new vehicles Spain as witnessed and the same happens in many other countries, hence part of the future strategy manufacturers pass by develop new models of SUV and renewing existing. firm Ford It has much to say about it ...

Quoted by news agency Reuters, which cites turn to official sources Ford, in 2020 will be at least 13 cars SUV, models to be sold in the US market, European and other countries.

He First of these new SUV to be known is the Ford Expedition 2018, which will go on sale in U.S later this year. This large SUV has many innovations on all fronts, with a firm commitment to technology at all levels (connectivity and security, especially), more efficient engines and a weight saving of about 300 pounds on average (about 136 kg less of the new model from the previous).

Mechanically, to the presence in the Ford Expedition 2018 an engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost petrol, coupled to a novel 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford future electric SUVFord: more electric SUV, hybrid ...

A few days ago, we announced that we Ford He had plans to launch a hundred percent electric SUV with a range of 500 km. And when? In 2020 or before.

Well, besides the hybrid technology hundred percent electric, in the SUV range Ford models like the EcoSport and Bronco will be renewed.

On European soil, the latest of Ford the have staged the unprecedented Edge and the new generation of the Kuga.

We look forward, therefore, to future releases of Ford SUV, one of the brands that will gamble and invest more in the fashion segment.

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