New Ferrari SUV: Fiat confirmed for the coming months!

Ferrari F16X, is the first SUV of Ferrari?Ferrari F16X, is the first SUV of Ferrari?Ferrari F16X, is the first SUV of Ferrari?Ferrari F16X, is the first SUV of Ferrari?

During the next months, the new Ferrari SUV will come true. Media world of business and finance as reference Bloomberg news agency, the digital version of the magazine Forbes and US television CNBC, They have echoed in recent statements issued by Sergio Marchionne, he CEO of Fiat Group, in which he announced a CVL car project type (Acronym "Ferrari Utility Vehicle") For the coming months.

These new statements Marchionne about the imminent New Ferrari SUV the he made during a visit to the Bag from New York. According to recent reports, the internal name which already are working from Maranello by the name of "F16X project", Name perfectly valid and that could lead to the production of the final Ferrari SUV.

He New Ferrari SUV will be part of the new product strategy of the Italian firm for the next five years in which business plans contemplated double current earnings. To achieve this goal, there is no doubt that a new and unprecedented Ferrari SUV It could help fatten the income statements of the company. And it is that luxury SUV are increasingly popular among the wealthiest economies in the world, which include magnates of China and the Middle East to boast like most flamboyant, unique and quirky.

Ferrari SUV F16XFor the moment, no official technical data for this expected Ferrari SUV, although the first rumors suggest that boosted with a powerful and efficient newly developed hybrid technology, in which there could be a V8 gasoline engine, a next-generation batteries and high capacity (it could be a hybrid plug) And the presence of one or more electric motors. Given the uniqueness of this new product, initially the number of units manufactured in this new Ferrari SUV It will be limited.

Porsche Cayenne, Bentley and Lamborghini Urus Bentayga: rivals

Over recent years, the automotive industry has witnessed the birth of new models of type SUV manufactured by luxury brands. The first major example came from the hand of Porsche, which he started producing and selling successfully Cayenne (Subsequently he added in its range SUV the smallest Macan).

After the "sacrilege" by the dream factory in Stuttgart, there have been other outstanding examples of hand Bentley, with its model type SUV Bentayga, and the very Lamborghini, historical rival of Ferrari and whose Urus promises to revolutionize the segment todocaminos more premium and exclusive. British brands Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin also been subsequently incorporated into this sort of frantic race to launch the SUV most luxurious and advanced present and future. He Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Aston Martin DBX also emerging as large entity rivals future Ferrari SUV.

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