BMW Z4 2018: first data and photos

BMW Z4 2018: first data and photos

The fans to sporty driving and the convertibles most traditional are in luck with the protagonist of these lines: New BMW Z4.

The new generation of the BMW Z4 It will reality in 2018. His great hallmark is its new canvas roof, the only version with the new edition of this popular roadster will be sold. At the moment, we know only official forms a "teaser" or initial image as "appetizer"Where we can appreciate the elegant and streamlined silhouette of this roadster.

He previous BMW Z4 was discontinued in June 2016. In its new generation, the German firm has worked with Toyota brand that has existed an agreement on joint development of engines and platforms for new cars.

According to the image recreated by our illustrator Schulte, we see a BMW Z4 It is changing dramatically in several parts of his exterior design when we compared to last Z4 that has been selling. We've already anticipated that one of the main lines of New BMW Z4 It is that only sell roof canvas or fabric, the image and likeness of the most traditional classic convertibles. Remember that the model discontinued in 2016 offered only retractable hard or hard top (and above, the Z4 had been selling both hardtop as canvas roof).

BMW Z4 2018BMW Z4 and Toyota again above, is"cousins"?

He BMW Z4 future weight of 2018 It is another key you can overtake. Is already talking to the outgoing model will weigh around about 1,400 kg, thanks to the massive use of aluminum both in many parts of the chassis and body.

The agreement that has BMW and Toyota, the Japanese firm It is also preparing one or more cars marked sports component. One of them could be the new Toyota Supra and here comes stage a new and unprecedented BMW Z5. So where would the Z4? Apparently, the Z5 would be a sports larger than the Z4 and many more elements in common with the Toyota Supra (only be sold with coupe body), So the Z4 will share some technical element with the Supra but it is the the new Z5 Car "similar" the new edition of the legendary sports Japan.

¿And the engines for the new BMW Z4? On this issue, there is still nothing confirmed. In fact, a few months ago even it rumored with the possibility that the new generation could carry versions of three cylinders as already happens in the 1 Series and the Mini, but everything indicates that considering the sporty nature and exclusive Z4, Finally BMW discard this possibility and opt for new developments in their contrasting four petrol engines and six-cylinder. ¿There will, therefore, an M version of the new Z4? Most likely, a codename Z4 M40i, engine of six-cylinder and a 360 hp.

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