New General Motors Ecotec engines

New General Motors Ecotec engines

The giant General Motors announces a major mechanical offensive with the new family Ecotec engines low cylinder, total eleven new petrol engines three and four cylinders and, in most cases, resort to turbocharging by turbocharger. As for the displacement or displacement will be between 1.0 liters and 1.5 liters with ranges power from among 76 and 167 CV. Some of these engines will also be fitted in cars with hybrid technology or versions bifuel.

With this new Ecotec engine family, General Motors says it will offer the efficient, robust, reliable and highly refined running propellers market. Constructed under methods modular architecture, the US giant also claims that the implementation of each of these engines are available in almost any vehicle, and allows significantly reduce production costs.

The first of these new engines Ecotec I just released the Opel Adam, namely a three-cylinder 1.0 Turbo power levels of 90 and 115 hp. The Chevrolet Cruze 2015, whose official presentation will take place in late 2014 and initially will be one of the new star vehicles General Motorcycles for the Chinese market, will be another car that soon will mount the Ecotec engines, namely a 1.4 Ecotec Turbo advances four-cylinder 150 CV plus a 1.5 atmospheric about 114 hp.

General Motors Ecotec engines are manufactured in five different plants (China, Hungary, Mexico, South Korea and the United States). GM plans to produce more than 2.5 million engines per year until 2017. This year it is estimated that up to 27 cars in the group can offer these Ecotec engines.

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