Volkswagen Golf R400: the most powerful Golf of all, closer

Volkswagen Golf R400, almost readyVolkswagen Golf R400, almost readyVolkswagen Golf R400, almost readyVolkswagen Golf R400, almost ready

A couple of years ago, in the Beijing Auto Show 2014, bestial debut Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept. it was at that time a prototype I was not going to go into production, although the latest news about might say the opposite.

In a report published in the Australian web, Dominik Hoberg, Chief Communications Product of Volkswagen, said "what in may or June" there will be great surprise. The possibility that the Volkswgen Golf R400 Concept could be manufactured, Hoberg said an enigmatic "We'll see".

Come true, the Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept It would become the VW Golf most powerful of all time. If we analyze the motor racing calendar in May and in June two events in which very well could present celebrated the VW Golf definitive R400: GTI Wörthersee Festival and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We look, then, if it is finally given or not green light the manufacture of Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept. At Beijing Auto Show 2014, this prototype and dazzled both its exterior design as for its technical characteristics.

VW Golf R400 InteriorVolkswagen Golf R400 Concept: technical key

The engine Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept It is known 2.0 TSI petrol double injection system and numerous technical tweaks doing stretching its power to 400 hp (or 200 hp per liter displacement). Volkswagen front of the current Golf R, add an extra 100 hp. On the other hand, the torque declared the Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept It is an impressive 45 mkg between 2,400 and 6,000 rpm.

The intelligent all-wheel drive 4Motion of the Volkswagen Golf R It is conveniently updates to get the necessary dose of sanity and motor skills in Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept. The Haldex clutch system fifth generation would be the backbone of the system 4MOTION.

The lightness is another key with which already impressed the Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept at the time of submission. According to the German firm, the prototype weighed 1,420 kg, which in turn provided a weight / power ratio of 3.55 hp / kg relationship.

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