New Audi A8, is the best car in the world?

Official! New Audi A8, its most spectacular PHOTOSOfficial! New Audi A8, its most spectacular PHOTOSOfficial! New Audi A8, its most spectacular PHOTOSOfficial! New Audi A8, its most spectacular PHOTOS

Huge fourth generation Audi A8. And I do not mean his 5.17 meters of length -the normal version because the A8 L intercalates more other 13 cm between its two axes- but the compendium of debuts new technologies in different areas, some ever seen in production cars. Banner of the aluminum construction since it appeared in 1994, Audi It has reformulated its skeleton and skin combined aluminum, steel, magnesium and reinforced polymer, an structure multimaterial that has allowed to increase up to 24 percent rigidity the outgoing model. Starting point on it, new suspensions, new engines, new electrical architecture, new security systems or unpublished elements comfort, some of them only available to whoever occupies the right rear seat. car "driver"But also driver thanks to the new architecture of suspensions and the more sophisticated cushioning ever used by a production car. Audi speak of shape, motion, direction and space, concepts with which the mark relates design, chassis, connectivity or indoor environment. It staged, summarizing an even easier way: Audi A8 is simply a single car.

Audi A8 2018Audi A8, on sale in October from 97,500 euros

He New Audi A8 first it is launched with two 3.0 V6, one for each fuel type, completely redesigned. Diesel yields 286 hp and 600 Nm of torque; Performance values gasoline They are 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque. Later will come the V8 with 4.0 liters V8 both technology TDI and TFSI, both with fully variable valve timing system by system Audi valvelift Yes, also the TDI- and disconnecting cylinders and yes, also the TDI. the W12, only for the Audi A8 L, will arrive in 2018 and will become, with its 585 hp and 800 Nm of torque, in the true flagship of the range.

From the launch, all engines feature new technology Mild hybrid allowing new levels of refinement, but especially performance, providing reduced consumption 0.7 l / 100 km. The system consists of a network main power 48 volt feeding a connector alternator to the crankshaft through belt. Its main function is the restarting the Stop&Start, but not only that, but to stop the car below 22 km / h Inertia to approach the stopping point and also allows the mode Inertia advance road speed range extends between 55 and 160 km / h for a maximum 40 seconds. Requires a battery housed in the boot ion that during braking phases, the A8 can regenerate at 12 kW of power due to the BAS system.

Audi A8 2018But within the new alternative propulsion systems, the Audi A8 also released e-tron technology. Debuts in 2018, and initially it will do so over the long body. 3.0 TFSI engine combines with an electric motor integrated into the gearbox automatically obtaining a global power 449 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Audi announces no consumption figure, but a limited top speed 250 km / h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. A plug-in hybrid Also debuting with sports ortra technology more: The system wireless induction charging, a platform on which will be located this Audi A8 e-tron for to load its 14.1 kWh lithium battery of 104 cells at a rate of 3.6 kWh. To do so, the platform is raised once it detects that the car is on it to optimize the efficiency of charging batteries that provide 50 km fully electric range.

All models also premiere new generation of automatic transmission 8 speed Tiptronic Check in collaboration with ZF, it equipped with a first Electric oil pump which is activated when the car is coasting with the engine off, more effectively disengaging the transmission of the engine, plus recognize and be able to anticipate situations Stop&go, the function of "autopilot jams". Incidentally, the Audi A8 is the first car developed for highly automated driving levels, but before we continue with "bases" on the new Audi flagship sits.

Audi A8 2018Audi A8 "AI Active Suspension": Aladdin Carpet

Let's talk about individual sets and had to speak, also regarding suspensions, of electronic platforms. Audi has carefully worked each relevant part of the new A8, and the support members have been one of the points where more time, money has been invested and has required more engineering. There are two kinds, a pneumatic individually setting wheel with different parameters as driving modes Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Lift, capable of providing, as Audi, an adjustment very soft or very sporty and also it brings its grain of sand in car efficiency lowering body 20 mm when they are exceeding, for more than 30 seconds, 120 km / h. But the new star is suspended AI Active Suspension, only the W12 series and available later in the other engines. This is a totally active system electromechanical drive It is consisting of a motor for each wheel, the main feeder network 48 V, providing complete control completely individual per wheel, based on all the parameters that receives and interprets its electronic brain of the system and can react totally alien to the laws of physics. Comfort, dynamism. Also safety, because in combination with cross traffic assistant, improved passive safety against possible lateral collision: If it happened more than 25 km / h, four sets of damping react to raise up to 80 mm the body side exposed to blow, minimizing the risk of injury.

We've talked about comfort. also dynamism, sportsmanship. Are terms that have been always linked to Audi A8 this new generation in a new dimension... That, at least, It is what it promises Audi. One of the ingredients to achieve is the new dynamic four-wheel steering, a module variable radius on the front axle and a drive mechanism that rotates the rear axle phase up to two or degrees- contrafase up to five degrees- as on at low or high speed. And of course, the direct object is the dynamic system AWD Initial -Cast 40:60, with maximum participation of the front axle of up to 70 percent of engine power or up to 85 percent in his backside train, completed with the sporty rear differential option.

Audi A8 2018The interior of the Audi A8: a new dimension

Goodbye knobs. Welcome to the era "Touch Response" device MMI. Audi bet this time for a design deliberately minimalist betting on a "interface" brand new free buttons and switches. The operations center becomes a first screen on the dashboard of 25.7 centimeters plus a 21.8 centimeters second screen on the console next to which is located a new touch Pad large from which is controlled virtually any function of the vehicle. A new operational concept that changes the parameters in which man and machine inteactuaban to date, because the new generation of the Audi A8 also integrates the ability to access or start the vehicle through another first, the so-called Audi Connected Key, you smartphone -of time, only Android- become the key to access or start the car... completely safely promise.

Among the possible options to convert the A8 into a true rolling hall, the customer will have the most varied new generation of seats, more sophisticated with and heating massage function foot passenger traveling in the right rear seat.

Audi A8 2018Audi pursues the fully autonomous driving, but must first lay the foundation. The A8 has 41 driving devices who interpret reality through twelve ultrasonic sensors, four cameras 360 degrees plus a additional camera on the windshield, four long-range radars located at the corners of the vehicle plus long range radar in the front, surveillance equipment complemented by the first laser scanner used in the automotive sector Y an infrared camera which allows the Audi A8 can "see" in the dark and detect objects, including non-metallic, about 250 meters away from the vehicle. Driving Newcomers are integrated into packages Park, City and Tour, and if we had seen that -BMW Series 7- It was possible to park or unpark a vehicle from the outside, without further intervention by the driver that the mere control of the maneuver, Audi A8 rises in the autonomous driving until Level 3 thanks to AI Traffic Jam Pilot, with high degree of driving fully automated driving slow circulation up to 60 km / h- and on roads where there is a physical barrier in both directions of movement. The system handles start, acceleration, braking and direction, Unlike other systems already implemented in other cars, without having to take your hands on the wheel.

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