Mercedes A Class 2018: first data and photos

Mercedes CLA Class 2019 and 2018, imagesMercedes CLA Class 2019 and 2018, imagesMercedes CLA Class 2019 and 2018, imagesMercedes CLA Class 2019 and 2018, images

It is simply a A sculpture called Aesthetics outlining the segment, but mark the outlines Mercedes in the segment compact, specifically what It should be the future Mercedes CLA. For him future Mercedes A, future Mercedes Shooting Brake A Family and future Mercedes GLA stay with the aesthetic features to the pillar B.

As well it tells us the maximum responsible of Mercedes design, Gorden Wagener, "Evolution in design leads us, when we begin to copy others, to give an aesthetic leap in which we focus on a Sports ways but resorting to greater simplicity of design, supported by a grille reminiscent of our successful pan-American sports models". We asked him if this simplicity will move inside and tells us that yes, "the possibilities of current screens we've already seen in the latest Class E must go democratizing down to allow developments adapted to the compact segment where there is a surface cleaning thanks to the touch technology. "

Mercedes A Class 2018This sculpture, this advance new Mercedes CLA should be launched in 2019 -before in 2018 should be known the Mercedes A, one year before the new Mercedes gla-, represents the vision that the design team Mercedes a compact sedan segment. To do this, look dramatize their new slogan for the coming style that is defined under the name "Sensual Purity", and that It evolves the successful path that opened the current generation of Mercedes Class A which was released in 2012. Now, design a bet lines brought to the end, Searching the maximum purism, as we apostilla Gorden Wagener, while sets us apart "the combination of perfect proportions with a sensual design surface in which even if you are just edges you see them, They are nothing more than bodywork enhancements hood on the side, on the back ... "

This sculpture commitment to red reflecting sensuality and emotion sought in future cars that give us Mercedes and defines a body that has the largest number of followers outside our continent. Aesthetics A It is part of a series of conceptual sculptures that advance the future design of Mercedes and ripped in 2010 with the presentation of Aesthetics No.1. Then in 2011, we would know the Aesthetics No. 2 and Aesthetics 125, and in 2012 the Aesthetics S.