Lexus NX 2018: design and technology update for the Japanese SUV

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The first generation SUV Lexus NX debuted on the market in mid-Spanish 2015. Now, on the occasion of the celebration of Auto Shanghai, the luxury brand of Toyota announces its next update, commercially available later this year.

He Lexus NX 2018 It presents various developments on several fronts. In the aesthetic section, its frontal area is renewed in subtle ways by incorporating new fog-of appearance Y Similar technology to which he premiered the coupé Lexus RC- and new grill adding more personality Y distinction to this SUV. At the back, we can find subtle changes in bumpers, headlights, exhaust and air diffuser placed under the bumper. As for the alloy wheels, a new design at bronze finish and of 18 inches from diameter. In this rear area of ​​the vehicle we find a new practical solution, since the trunk can be opened by passing one foot below the bumper without the need for any of the two hands.

At inside the Lexus NX 2018 the main change is found in the presence of a larger screen for multimedia information system, navigation and entertainment. In this case, a 10.3 inch is used instead of the above 7 inches. The configuration of the dashboard is also changed slightly, with the presence of fewer buttons. On the other hand and as you can see in the pictures from the photo gallery that accompanies this article, the design of analog clock is now much cleaner (this watch also happens to have automatic update via satellite). and several New finished in satin chrome inserts enhance the visual quality of the interior. Finally, the area where smartphones are recharged is now much larger.

Lexus NX 20182018 Lexus NX: small technical changes

as announced Lexus, the range 2018 from his NX SUV It presents various modifications chassis, with a suspension new invoice employing new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. Similarly, the suspension system variable hardness AVS also it presents modifications.

Various improvements to the interior, exterior glass and the hood can improve from the point of view acoustic isolation to the Lexus SUV NX 2018. Mechanically, the only variant available in our country will be the hybrid NX 300h, with 197 hp total power.

At the level of security, he Lexus NX 2018 It will become part of a greater number of devices and driving attendees. Among the highlights, the following: automatic detention in the presence of obstacles, warning system / alert involuntary change lanes, automatic change from short to long and active speed programmer among other lights.

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