Seat could launch a big SUV in 2020: super Ateca?

A super SUV at Seat? A great Ateca arrive in 2020A super SUV at Seat? A great Ateca arrive in 2020A super SUV at Seat? A great Ateca arrive in 2020A super SUV at Seat? A great Ateca arrive in 2020

Yes until a month ago I had no SUV Seat on the market even though, for some time, it was the fashion category, within just 4 years could count up to three models highly differentiated court. The facts have been triggered in just a few weeks. In fact, this month of July has put on sale the Seat Ateca, the first SUV brand Spanish. And it was precisely during international presentation when the president of Seat, Luca de Meo, has confirmed that and it will appear the second SUV brand in 2017, a car based on the Ibiza ... and already we've also spoken.

Seat 20V20Well, surprise has returned today a scene. According British media collected citing statements by an official of the company Autocar, Seat would be studying the possibility of launching a new SUV, in this case larger and be positioned above the new Ateca. The date of arrival could be 2020... and of course the announcement does not seem at all unreasonable if we look at all the precedents.

Large SUV Seat: probable dimensions

In fact, the first prototype supposedly she ended giving rise to Ateca It was a large SUV. It was called Seat 20V20 (the photos you see in the gallery correspond to him), half 4.66 meters long (30 centimeters more than the Ateca) and had a long wheelbase of 2.79 meters (Up to 15 centimeters). We even got to ride on this big SUV (at the end of the article we leave the video) And since then the brand claimed that his style and design models would arrive brand until 2020. It's not surprising now that big SUV Seat future will take many features of this 20V20. But there's more.

Rate your car for freeThe mimbres for this hypothetical large SUV Seat are already given in the VW group itself. The new Skoda Kodiaq (which this week will give you more information) is a new SUV those same dimensions, while Volkswagen has also confirmed since, above the current Tiguan, it will be born other larger SUV (which we christened Tiguan XL), in both cases up to three rows and seven seats. Curiously (or not) is spoken in both large SUV Skoda and VW models of the environment of 4.7 meters, with a wheelbase of 2.79 meters ... the same as offered in his day that Seat 20V20.

Large SUV Seat: range and engines?

Add 2 + 2, seems therefore that should be in this case 4 ... which would certainly lead to that new big SUV Seat. This, like their counterparts Skoda and Volkswagen would build on the MQB modular platform German group, but using a specific evolution of long wheelbase and larger. Among other things, assume for example that the front-wheel drive versions do not already have torsional rear axle, but with a more sophisticated Multi-link train. One of the questions that so far handled the heads of Seat was how a model already so great in the Spanish range at a price significantly higher than what the client is usually used Seat would position. And still they are debating about it, hoping that their new SUV bets (such as Ateca) and upcoming developments change the philosophy of a brand is now clear growth.

Future large SUV SeatLittle information is known now this big SUV Seat hypothetical. But knowing his based architecture and is easy to guess where to go its range. obviously giving up the smaller engine 3-cylinder 1.0 TSI riding the Ateca, this large SUV should boot into Diesel 2.0 TDI with 150 hp, which would complete the top 2.0 TDI 190 hp. Meanwhile, already in gasoline, the core of the range compose thrusters Version 1.4 TSI 125 and 150 hp, which should be completed over one 2.0 TSI with 180 hp and. As MQB platform itself supports hybrid mechanical, it is easy to guess that could also have a plug variant... style GTE versions of Volkswagen

Large SUV Seat should have a front-drive version and most 4x4 versions with four-wheel drive from Haldex 5th generation employing the VW group. manual and automatic dual-clutch transmissions would be added to a range, of course, would have the most advanced active safety systems the brand with obstacle detection sensors, automatic braking controls blind spot and lane change adaptive cruise control ... and, and in 2020 even imagine that with new features autonomous driving. Functionally, like Ateca, the Ibiza, the Lion (or any brand model) this large SUV Seat should be one of the most functional models, spacious and capable in its segment. The new flagship of the brand seems to be as true in 2020. For now we leave you with the video of the Seat 20V20.

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