Audi A6: new generation ready in 2017

Audi A6: new generation ready in 2017

Do not expect an aesthetic revolution in new cars Audi, so if you have prepared the brand with the four rings is a bet without concessions by the luxury and the technology, which will be reflected very well in their high-end cars among which will be placed on merit the New Audi A6.

According to the information available, the new generation of the Audi A6 will be ready in 2017. If the new Audi A4 has already demonstrated that it has a level of technology superior to its rivals, with up to 30 attendees driving next Audi A6 I could not be outdone, since it will use the same MLB Evo platform modular, released by the Audi Q7 and designed for longitudinal engine cars.

Search by minimizing the total weight of the vehicle also hit the new Audi A6, as the new generation will be around about 100 kg lighter than the current model. He lightweight construction concept Audi Space Frame (ASF) with the massive use of aluminum and new resistant but very lightweight materials will write a new chapter with golden letters in pursuit of maximum efficiency. Thanks to this technological waste, it announces a reduction of up to 20 percent in the fuel consumption.

He New equipment Audi A6 2017 will feature many interesting systems, including the illuminated with LED lights Matrix, a intelligent and adaptive suspension able to "read" the appearance of the road and active cruise control with several automated functions.

With the staging of Audi A6 in 2017, German firm makes clear its intentions in the segment of large saloons, because in his both near and far future are provided a completely new Audi A8 Y Audi A7, the latter in 2018.