10 SUV coming: XC40, C5 Aircross, X2, GLA, Kodiaq Coupe …

The 10 most anticipated SUV coming to marketThe 10 most anticipated SUV coming to marketThe 10 most anticipated SUV coming to marketThe 10 most anticipated SUV coming to market

This week we've talked a lot the next likely Seat Álora, the big SUV up to 7 seats which premieres the brand 2018... and there is still no official confirmation of his name. It is certainly one of the most anticipated in the coming months SUV, but far from the only one. The new Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Kona, Renault Koleos or Volvo XC60 It also presents a big ... although they Now we have also talked a lot. Today we focus on other 10 models that will arrive soon in the market in different categories, and that surely were unaware. Most will be very revolutionary on your marks. You can see them all in photos in this gallery.

Volvo XC40: the new Swedish flag

We started with the new XC40, the car is destined to be the new selling Volvo. Building on the success of the XC60, this compact SUV will be below the mark premiering a new compact modular architecture (CMA) very promising. With all the technology and safety of Volvo, the XC40 should reach the market later this 2017 or early 2018 the latest diesel engines and gasoline brand, up to 3 cylinders, and of course with a new plug-in hybrid version T5 Twin Engine.

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Volvo XC40Opel big SUV: the following

Opel will also continue its offensive SUV. After presenting Crossland and small and compact Grandland X X (this on the basis of 3008), the following will be a SUV largest located in the D segment market, which already occupy such new Peugeot Skoda Kodiaq or 5008. We do not know his name, but it will arrive in 2018 the market developed on the basis of the new Insignia and the environment will measure 4.80 meters.

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Skoda Kodiaq Coupe: sporty

Another brand that will launch in the coming months a whole new range of SUV's Skoda. Kodiaq already launched and announced the small Karoq, the next step should be This Kodiaq Coupé. And we say should because time is confirmed to China, but not for Europe. Let's hope it does because, views the first recreations promises. With a sportier look, It measured between 4.50 and 4.60 meters, It could offer an electric variant and part of the MQB platform Volkswagen group. A very promising SUV.

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Nissan JukeNissan Juke: Little more revolutionary

But if we must talk about an SUV expected and promising, attentive to the second generation promises Nissan Juke. He anticipated a segment progression today, the compact SUV, and today also promises revolutionize it with a design again the most personal and distinctive. Nissan moment gives us a foretaste of the car through a concept already presented, but, although obviously the final product will not be as risky, yes ensures that it will take many traits. It will leave the platform of the new Micra, Renault / Nissan Alliance and will feature diesel engines and gasoline art, including the 90hp 0.9 Turbo.

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BMW X2: the new BMW

Another model that promises revolution, in this case by announcing a brand new design language riskier is the BMW X2. Based on the X1 current platform, ie with transverse engine and front wheel drive, and sharing many elements with the Mini Countryman, the BMW X2 should reach the market later this 2017 or early 2018. Set up almost like a coupe version of the X1 promises very dynamic, very good light and the latest engines Diesel and gasoline brand. It will be the starting point of a new BMW.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse CrossMitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Japan's new bet

By the end of the year It is also planning to launch another SUV that should be vital for your brand. We speak now of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a compact model that retrieves the name of a mythical coupe of the brand. With a Very sporty design, will arrive in principle with two engines: a 1.5 gasoline turbo direct injection Diesel 160 hp and 2.2 to debut a 8-speed automatic transmission. SUV willing to lift commercially Mitsubishi.

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GLA Mercedes Coupé: superstar

Mercedes has already taught us the Concept A, a prototype that anticipates all features and the new platform on which all future compacts will be developed. Among them will be vital second generation Mercedes GLA, a car that already today is the best selling in the German mark, and could even brand new variant third. It is a GLA Coupé most attractive. While there is time for more data from both models, should not arrive before 2019. But for now we enjoy the images of how they will be.

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GLA Mercedes CoupéAudi Q6: an electric SUV

It is one of the best kept secrets of Audi, which currently does not confirm it. But all reports indicate that 2018, or early 2019, Audi will launch an all-electric SUV, it should be between the Q5 and Q7 ... and therefore might be called Q6. For now the brand has only presented prototypes with e-Tron name and e-Tron Sportback, which could let us see and what their future image. And promises by design and technology.

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe: Porsche El Salvador

Another model weight to be Brand new generation in just one year will be the Porsche Cayenne. The SUV that saved the mark when it was worse, and that has been a success in its 15 years of history, this time promises luxury, power, dynamism, space ... and two variants. On MLB EVO platform of the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga, the big SUV will be even sportier with an unprecedented coupe variant to revolutionize its category. Soon we know more definitive data.

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Aircross Citroen C5: another SUV 7 seats

We close this article with a SUV if you have already spoken, but we recovered the importance it will have on your brand and your PSA group. The new Aircross Citroen C5 hit the market 2018 and will do so with overall design, marketed in all markets. It will take the 3008 Peugeot base and release a revolutionary suspension with a hydraulic system progressive damping. With 4.5 meters long, will mount BlueHDi Diesel engines and gasoline PureTech known in the French group.

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