All sedans coming to market until 2018

All future sedans coming to marketAll future sedans coming to marketAll future sedans coming to marketAll future sedans coming to market

Although Commercially they do not pass through its best, saloons offer will not be reduced in the coming years, not at all. Unlike, all manufacturers, with Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar the head, they will bet new much more sophisticated and technologically advanced products. The new platforms They are not only compatible with Today propulsion technologies more efficient, but we'll also finding an increasing number of assistants aimed at driving semiautonomous, with innovations like the parking distance with the driver outside the passenger compartment and automatic lane change. Attention to all saloons that will arrive until 2018: you'll find all photos in the gallery we have prepared.

Opel Insignia: coupé

His design reminds the Opel Monza Concept, of the New Opel Insignia It will borrow some aerodynamic solutions, such as front laterals "air courtain". If you also receive the same weight reduction experienced by the new Opel Astra, We will definitely before a saloon clear sporting aspirations and a remarkable efficiency. The interior adopt digital control box and Head-Up Display, and It is expected to have a large amplitude, especially for the rear seats, despite the low roof line that could restrict access to the passenger compartment. Arrive in 2017.

So will the Opel Insignia 2017

Rate your car for freeVolkswagen CC: 4-door luxury

The relay Volkswagen CC will arrive in 2017 and will be held on MQB modular platform, the same used by the current Passat, so you will have a very similar mechanical range. From the current CC will be lighter and more dynamic, with longer wheelbase and more space available for passengers in the rear row. the range could from 31,500 euros and will feature a hybrid version plug-GTE. Aesthetically it will be based on the Sport Coupe GTE Concept, on which Volkswagen argued that it would be positioned between the Passat and Phaeton.

This will be the future Volkswagen CC

Audi A6: center range

If he new Audi A4 It has already shown it has a higher level of technology rivals, with up to 30 attendees driving also taken the upper Audi Q7, the next Audi A6 shall not be less, as it will use its same modular platform MLB Evo, released by the large SUV and designed for longitudinal engine models. will lose at least 100 kg compared to its predecessor, and could reduce consumption range up to 20 percent. With the new Audi A6, which will land in 2017, they will arrive new and interesting options their equipment, including effective Matrix LED headlights, a adaptively to the suspension with "reading" Of the road, and cruise control more automated functions.

Future Audi A6: so will

Future Audi A7Audi A7: technological elegance

He future Audi A7, which will arrive already in the 2018, adopt more aggressive aesthetic features, heavily influenced by the concept Audi Prologue and already under the supervision of the new head of brand design, Marc Lichte, who has also been commissioned to capture the next Audi A6 and A8 using this same pattern. As for powertrains, at one end will as always sports Audi S7 and RS 7, but there will also be hybrid, a pure electric and perhaps to a variant of hydrogen battery. If you use 48 V electronics architecture, I could have even longer with electric and electromechanical stabilizer capable of modifying the behavior turbo.

So is the prototype Audi Prologue

Audi A8: about to arrive

The next flagship of the Audi range, the A8, HE will benefit from the advantages of a new platform, not only in terms lightness, efficiency and dynamic capabilities, but also in the sophistication of its equipment. This new super sedan promises an acoustic insulation and comfort level of record, not lacking in its range and pluggable hybrid versions, and of course heat engines with the latest Diesel and gasoline. The current generation of the Audi A8 debuted the Matrix LED headlights, so we have to expect some innovation in this field, perhaps reinforced by laser modules far-reaching and taillights OLED. Now we must not forget that it will face and avanzadísimos new models such as the current BMW 7 Series.

Audi A8 2016: so will

Porsche Panamera: Sports Mission

The second generation Panamera It is almost ready and should arrive later this year 2016. It will be something bigger, with a more attractive and aesthetic line made on the MSB new platform, stiffer and lighter, also used other Volkswagen Group models like the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Its design is based on the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept 2012. Below should have a smaller sedan, Porsche anticipated by the E. Mission

So will the new Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera futureBMW 5 Series: the multimaterial saloon

Based on the CLAR architecture already seen in the new BMW 7 Series, hybrid structure comprising ultra high strength steels, aluminum and carbon fiber, the new BMW 5 Series which should arrive in this year 2016 will achieve significant weight savings (between 70 and 150 kg) and increased rigidity. For the first time in its category will be used to efficient mechanical tricilíndricas 1.5 liter for versions of access, with 518d 150 hp and a lower consumption approved to 4 l / 100 km. variant Hybrid plug 530e You will have an electric range of 40 km with an electric motor of 90 hp and 2-liter turbo propeller 184 hp gasoline.

BMW May 2016 Series: so shall

Mercedes E-Class Coupé: more dynamic

Aesthetically, the New Mercedes E Coupe (Which is already rolling in tests) will take elements coupes Class S and Class C, while maintaining the current proportions and a very elaborate aerodynamics. Passage ARM platform, lighter, will bring greater dynamism and reduction of consumption, You can also continue to have AWD and automatic transmission gear 9, along with a newly developed air suspension and an array of driving attendees. The interior adopt a fully digital control box generously sized and ambient lighting with a variety of colors.

This will be the Mercedes E Coupe 2017

Mercedes E Class Cabrio: open-air comfort

True to the soft top, the next Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet keep the aerodynamic solutions seen in its predecessor to avoid turbulence in the passenger compartment, which 4 seats will be as in the Coupé. East new convertible will arrive in 2017 and come with new engines inline 6 for replace the most complex V6, a task cost savings also allow you to share up to 60 percent of components between diesel and gasoline engines, whether 4 or 6 cylinders.

So is the current Mercedes E Class Cabrio

Mercedes E Class CabrioMercedes E-Class Estate: classy family

Following the wake of the E-Class sedan, which it is very similar to Class C but with larger, it looks like the family version of the E-Class, this Estate, also it will draw heavily on his younger brother and will have certain sporting dyes. Maintains air suspension option, and receives new touch controls on the steering wheel, fog Multibeam formed by 84 ledes and innovations such as remote parking or automatic lane change. It is hoped that its trunk is still reference. With a rejuvenated design and a great technological leap, systems incorporate advanced semi-autonomous driving seen in the hatchback.

Volvo V90: Nordic practicality

He Volvo V90 is a stylish family large, with a front design almost identical to the sedan S90. From this spring and orders allowed, but it will not hit the market until well into the summer. This spectacular new family shares and mechanical technology with S90, adding a more versatile tailgate always framed by vertical drivers, which provide even more personality to the Swedish model. It will exceed 500 liters trunk seen in the hatchback. The luxurious interior include the large vertical screen type tablet already premiered at the current Volvo XC90, which also takes the platform, and fully digital control box, giving way to a minimalist dashboard buttons very clean design. Technically, few differences with S90: Crowning the range is the plug-in hybrid T8, with 50 km of electric range and 407 hp, and will also offer new systems of semi-autonomous driving.

That's the new Volvo V90

Jaguar XE Sportbrake: sculpted aluminum

Logic tells us that, As in the current Jaguar XF, his younger brother XE will soon have a family version Sportbrake. Indeed, it is speculated that announces even before the end of 2016. The SUV F-Pace, performed on the same platform XE, be, for the moment, the most versatile alternative body. XE attractive image could also apparent move to this familiar pattern, as does the XF Sportbrake.

So is the current Jaguar XE

Alfa Giulia SportwagonGiulia Alfa Sportwagon: you will be confirmed?

No departure date confirmed, not even to go to get insurance for the family version of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Yes, to appear, you should make delight fans once again thanks to its sporty feel and behavior. more powerful version, called Quadrifoglio, incorporate a mechanical rear diffuser and Biturbo V6 510 hp, and transmit its power only to the rear train or by a wheel drive system. The maximum speed of this version Quadrifoglio exceed 300km / h, with 0 to 100 km / h less than 4 seconds. Moment are rumors, but ... You will arrive in 2017?

This is the Alfa Giulia

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