Toyota Prius + 2016: prices and updating necessary

2016 Toyota Prius +, already on sale in Spain2016 Toyota Prius +, already on sale in Spain2016 Toyota Prius +, already on sale in Spain2016 Toyota Prius +, already on sale in Spain

He Toyota Prius + has been revised for enhance the driving experience on several fronts. Toyota says that, to make a quieter and linear acceleration -the feeling of lag between the load and speed offered by the E-CVT was one aspect which often more pointed as worthy to improve- has been revised continuously variable transmission, so that the driver detects a greater connection between the throttle pressure, increased speed and engine sound.

Optimization to get more fluent and silent phases of maximum acceleration, minimizing the perception of slipping transmission, it has gone through 1.8 reduce the rate of 1,000 rpm petrol during that situation. Nevertheless, not to lose strength, now the hybrid propulsion system will use more electric power as support for the Atkinson cycle engine. This optimization is already present in other hybrids like the Toyota Prius.

In addition, Toyota claims to have worked in a gain greater acoustic comfort. different absorbent and insulating elements, integrated into frames, bottom of the doors, tailgate, dashboard or center tunnel should reduce the amount of decibels reach the ears of the occupants.

online used car valuationToyota Prius + 2016, improved equipment

Other developments in the Toyota Prius + range affect equipment, so that now incorporates the second-generation multimedia system brand, the Toyota Touch 2. Presented two months ago at the Geneva Motor Show, reconfiguring the touch screen with new menus makes use easier and more intuitive, as we have seen in other Toyota models.

Toyota Prius + 2016In addition, incorporating the browser (Toyota Touch & Go), it is three-year free update for maps or connectivity: access to Google, traffic information in real time, Google Streeetview, Panoramio ...

Other elements that are modified are perceived during torn: then warns the redesign of the key or start button, and the introduction of new initial screens on the computer, with a TFT color screen 4.2 "as indicating the start it is available and the steering is unlocked.

Toyota Prius + 2016 prices

In Advance and Executive finishes the Toyota Prius +, both higher than the Eco steps included Serial Hybrid Pack, Velor floor mats with logos and Hybrid. This same inscription appears on the doorsteps or key, while adding to the range of colors midnight blue.

Prices range Toyota Prius + 2016 include the corresponding discount to PIVE plan and are as follows: finish Eco, 28,150 euros; with Advance, 32,700 euros and with Executive, 31,950 euros. Common options to all of them are metallic paint (525 euros), pearlescent white paint (625 euros) and the Toyota Touch 2 & Go (600 euros). This model can benefit from the PIVE plan for large families, which applied the price of the cheapest version, Eco, it is 26,150 euros.

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