BMW 5 Series 2016, technological improvement

BMW 5 Series 2016, technological improvement

He design of the new BMW 5 Series in its new generation It will not be one of the chapters that more changes notes. Its elegant aesthetics combined with aerodynamic sports areas and with certain dyes will remain his hallmark. However, what really appeal 2016 BMW 5 Series It is in what you can not see with the naked eye.

The almost obsessive search for minimizing the weight total car also has its continuity in the new generation of the BMW 5 Series. Where appropriate, based on use aluminum alloys, steel and magnesium You will get a weight reduction about 100 kg on average. You may be surprising that in a car the size of the BMW 5 Series not use carbon fiber, an expensive material that initially only the Bavarian brand used in its plug-in hybrid as BMW i8 or as pure electric BMW i3.

BMW May 2016 Series: Diesel, gasoline and hybrid

In a sedan representation as 2016 BMW 5 Series Mechanical supply must be wide and varied to satisfy the greatest number of potential drivers. The TwinPower Turbo technology will rewrite a new and prominent chapter in terms of performance and efficiency. In fact, it is expected that the Future BMW 5 Series 518d You can approve an average expenditure below 4.0 l / 100 km. The power diesel engines range between 150 hp and 313 hp.

For those who prefer gasoline, new 2016 BMW 5 Series It will feature various alternatives between 184 and 450 hp. What about the future BMW M5? Well do not be surprised that you can approach and even exceed 600 hp.

The hybrid drive also take place in the 2016 BMW 5 Series, offering at first a non-variant plug below a plug-in or plug.

New BMW 5 Series, at the end of 2016

The premiere of the new generation BMW 5 Series takes place at the end of 2016 not being available at dealerships until early 2017. First it can acquire body sedan type and variant advances family is added.

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