Renault Alaskan: confirmed his arrival in Europe

Renault Alaskan confirmed for EuropeRenault Alaskan confirmed for EuropeRenault Alaskan confirmed for EuropeRenault Alaskan confirmed for Europe

As overall pick-up Renault-Nissan Alliance, Renault Alaskan She began a year ago their wanderings in Latin America, but it was clear that sooner or later end up crossing borders. Renault has confirmed that from September 2017 will also be offered in Europe, thickening the growing supply of pick-up.

He Renault Alaskan shares a platform and mechanical components with the Nissan Navara, one of the oldest and emblematic of this category to this side of the Atlantic models. About it, too Mercedes just presented is particular version of this format, Class X, he pick up most ambitious and luxurious of the three, more focused leisure to the business. As well Mercedes has provided different elements technical in this three-way synergy, as 7-speed automatic transmission, alternative to the manual 6-relationships.

He Renault Alaskan It has roughly the same proportions as the Nissan Navara or Mercedes Class X and also similar capacity. Measure 5.32 m of length Y 3,150 m wheelbase. His line is clearly identified as a Renault product last generation. Structurally, it stands out for a multilink rear axle that both behavior and quality favors rolling road. Their quality standards finishing equipment will be equivalent to an SUV as might be the Renault Koleos, but the Renault Alaskan be properly prepared for the hard work and offer different configurations for loading zone, as needed, from a hard-top closures to different cargo deck and different coatings.

Renault AlaskanRenault Alaskan: 2.3 dCi 160 engine and 190 hp

Loading platform Renault Alaskan It is 83 cm ground. Height body relative to the dream is 23 cm and both suspension travel as the wheel drive system with reduction seems ensure also effectively extreme off-road, guaranteed by angles of attack and departure of 30 and 27.9 degrees, respectively. The broadcast It has driving modes 2WD, 4x4 connectable exclusively outside-or asphalt on it, if adherence is a low operating up to 100 km / h Y Geared 4x4 for the most demanding conditions. For the rear axle, Renault also has an Alaskan limited slip differential.

In Europe, Renault will come with a propeller turbodiesel 4-cylinder 2.3 liter technically advanced. It is a development that Renault is offered in two power levels possible by supercharging: mono-turbo, 160 hp or 190 hp Twin Turbo. The average consumption is announced is provisionally of 6,3 l / 100 km equivalent to 167 g / km of CO2.

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