All new small SUV coming and the market

Flood of new SUV: all the little comingFlood of new SUV: all the little comingFlood of new SUV: all the little comingFlood of new SUV: all the little coming

He Geneva Motor Show You will witness the emergence of new SUV in all segments market because it is a type of vehicle that still seething and increasingly more interest among the public. No manufacturer wants to stay out of this fashion and not only increasing the number of models, but also the quality and sophistication thereof, with higher technological content and a strong sense of design that is not incompatible with versatility. This time we focus directly on smaller models that are about to be marketed, but also in coming to market over the next three years.

Two new SUV Skoda Yeti SUV and Fabia

One of the 2017 players It will certainly be the Skoda Yeti new, something bigger than the current and exhibit design very top line Kodiaq, with headlamps divided, a marked lateral rib and robust appearance because fewer glass surface, with a higher sheet. Size you can compete almost on equal terms with the compact SUV segment, as the increase in size will provide greater interior space and trunk, two of the few things that separated him from models like the Volkswagen Tiguan, With which share the MQB platform Group. And also with the Ateca Seat.

By below Yeti, and always still within the Skoda brand, there will be room for another small SUV also access and more youthful approach, based on the Fabia and framed in the B car segment. Launch, still unconfirmed, it would be expected to not before 2019. It will take the same Seat base Arona... which then we speak.

So will the new Skoda Yeti

Skoda Fabia SUVSeat Arona: an SUV on Ibiza

He Seat Arona, that will come before his brother Skoda to market share both architectural and mechanical with him and other small SUV that will launch all brands of VW Group. Even Audi, with Q1 then I'll talk. He Ateca little brother of the new platform will premiere on Ibiza, It will be presented in a few weeks and will be available in the month of December, but since November it can be seen at dealerships of the brand and place orders. It will undoubtedly be one of the most promising models.

So will the Seat Arona

Volkswagen Polo Roc

On Seat very basis of Arona We have already said that many SUV will arrive at its automotive group and, of course, one of them will be the Volkswagen brand. He Polo, therefore, will also have their particular version todocamino, whose image we have known and very nearly in the T-Roc concept. This prototype advanced the lines of designing a car that will be released once the Polo debuts new generation and therefore new platform. Another model more interesting.

This will be the VW Polo SUV

VW Polo SUVMini Countryman: the BMW alternative

You can not miss in this compilation of the best small SUV coming the mini Countryman, precisely one of the pioneering models in the segment and just completely renewed. The new Mini Countryman grown since the new modular architecture front-wheel drive BMW Group from which also comes out X1, for example, also committed the most luxurious and exclusive face of the category, without neglecting its sporty side. It is the first to put the cards on the table.

This is the new Mini Countryman

mini CountrymanSmart SUV: development with Renault?

And sure Mercedes also comes into play if BMW and Audi in the game, right? Well, indeed, and it will in principle Filia with your Smart. We've already talked about this project ever charged gradually form (you can read in the link below) and arise as a direct rival of Mini Countryman and Audi Q1. It given the synergies with Renault, it is now speculated that It could develop from the spectacular Kwid, a model that the French brand sells in India.

So will the Smart SUV

Opel Crossland X: one of the first

Within the generalist manufacturers also products are evolving constantly. Opel, for example, has important contributions in the segment as the renewed Mokka X and, above all, the new Crossland X arriving soon, a model that It covers the hollow Meriva transforming the concept minivan, increasingly demanded in crossover or SUV. Car more interesting to also compete with new Mitsubishi ASX, Suzuki Ignis or updating the Fiat 500X, of which we've already spoken on other occasions.

This is the Opel Crossland X

Stonic Kia and Hyundai SUV: Blood Brothers

A turn to speak group Hyundai / Kia, of course, also have proposals small SUV. At the moment we have known through concepts as Kia Provo, but since they have been confirmed by their own brands. The first thing you should get would be the model of Kia, whose name could be Stonic. It will be a crossover of about 3.8 meters long, coupe-like appearance and very sporty, it could be powered by a hybrid drivetrain derivative employing the current Kia Niro, associated with an automatic dual clutch transmission and 7 speeds. Little bit after its appearance we should know your signed by Hyundai alternative.

So will the Kia Stonic

Kia StonicNissan Juke: the revolutionary

Although if we talk about design and sportsmanship, we must stop the Nissan Juke, one of the drivers of the category, always the most original and already preparing its second generation. This will surprise no doubt seen the light of and the concept Gripz, which Nissan said at the time that would mark its evolution in design. probably final model will be unveiled in the autumn of 2017, will also have certain features of the new Micra, always with a bold and lighthearted touch, along with revised to improve ride quality and chassis behavior.

That will be the Nissan Juke

Audi Q1: the most luxurious

We close this selection of small SUV with the last member remaining in the Volkswagen Group, Audi. Rupert Stadler and advanced it at the time, "there would be a Q model with each digit". The market seems willing to accept it and certainly and MQB modular architecture, Also once you get first Seat Arona. He Audi Q1 it will be the most urban alternative brand, will present an exclusive but common technical elements approach, leaving the top Audi Q2 as an option rather looser size.

So will the Audi Q1

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