SUV revolution: all new small arriving

The 10 best small SUV coming to marketThe 10 best small SUV coming to marketThe 10 best small SUV coming to marketThe 10 best small SUV coming to market

If the compact SUV segment has been renewed in the first months of the year completely with the arrival of new Kia Sportage, Ateca Seat, Volkswagen Tiguan, and company, now look down to see what comes. All manufacturers are already betting on new small SUV segment, that it became fashionable Nissan Juke and the current super sales rose Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 Jeep Renegade, Fiat 500X... Well, this has only just begun. In the coming months will reach one and unprecedented flood of new cars to this category; So much will its growth, which many analysts already consider will end up "killing" the conventional utilitarian. We introduce you the best small SUV 10 they arrive.

Kia mini SportageKia: A "mini" Sportage 2017

Kia will land in 2017 in the category with a new SUV smaller than its Sportage: already confirmed the Korean brand. The moment his name and his final image is unknown, but could be based on the Kia Provo you see in the photographs, a concept we saw some time at the Geneva Motor Show. This new small SUV Kia It could measure about 4 meters long, and it looks to be released with gasoline engine cylinders 3 turbo 100 to 120 hp power.

The small SUV future of Kia

Smart: A Forfour SUV for the city

Smart also it grows as brand and as range. One of his future developments will be a small SUV also developed with Renault. It could be called Forfour SUV, or formore, as already filtered from Germany. The project, already underway, should accommodate later to another almost clonic SUV at Renault, which may be positioned below the current Captur. In both cases send good design and dynamism, accompanied as usual rear engine and rear wheel drive. Promises.

The future of Smart small SUV

Rate your car for freeDacia: a "mini" Duster 2018

Dacia also will expand its supply in the coming years. His biggest surprise will be a "mini" Duster, a new small SUV with which "eat" the market. At the moment, there is no official name, but could be based on the new Renault Kwid, a car that already sells in India for a price that Europe should be between 6,500 and 7,500 euros. There, that model It is marketed with a small gasoline engine 799 cm3 and 54 hp, a propellant for which 3,9 l / 100 km consumption is homologated in China. Dacia equip future in Europe by atmospheric gasoline 75 hp 1.2, Although the logic puts the three-cylinder gasoline 0.9 TCe 90 hp and diesel 1.5 dCi 90 hp the best mechanical options for a car whose length should not exceed 4.10 meters. We'll see.

The small SUV Dacia future

Seat: A "mini" Ateca based Ibiza in 2017

With the Ibiza as current technical starting point and structural, Seat will launch in 2017 its SUV little. This was already confirmed the Spanish brand, which also hopes to benefit from the success that seems aimed its new compact SUV, the Ateca. The moment his name is also unknown. The future model should measure around the 4.10 meters long and bet on the latest engines Diesel 1.6 TDI and 1.4 TSI petrol. Dynamism and good space, should also be your strengths, as they are already in the Seat Ateca.

The future of small SUV Seat

Volkswagen: Polo SUV for 2018

Volkswagen has already confirmed that a second car manufactured in its Navarra factory... and that is your Polo future SUV. Their production will begin in 2018 and will, as well as the Seat, utilitarian architecture of the Volkswagen group. It appears to be Tiguan scale one should measure about 4.20 meters in length and incorporate much of the technology we already have the latest models of Volkswagen. It could introduce purely urban releases, new diesel TDI and TSI petrol, and even more versions camperas AWD. From Germany say their average price should be around 17,000 euros.

The small SUV future of Volkswagen

Volkswagen Polo SUVOpel: Meriva will be the SUV in 2017

Opel already has the Mokka, but below, will introduce a new model next year. It will be the Meriva, that even if you keep a body minivan also adopt a new SUV version. Without abandoning their known functionality, and its compact dimensions, it will take this time a aesthetics of every way to compete in a segment with more customer demand. They will be built next to Meriva minivan at the Opel plant in Figueruelas, Zaragoza, and to differentiate could add the name "Rocks"As in the current Opel Adam. It will start a new platform modular Y adopt more efficient engines to date. Many of them are advertised as such three-cylinder, so hopefully gasoline arrival of the new 1.0 Turbo 105 hp. already Diesel, thrusters 1.6 liters, in variants of 110 and 136 hp, should be those who monopolize the core of the offer.

The small SUV Opel future

Hyundai: a small SUV on the horizon

Hyundai It has already launched in some urban Asian markets Crete, SUV with many aesthetic features of Tucson. Europe is already confirmed as Kia, the brand will have a small SUV in the coming years, but to be seen whether it will be a derivation of the same Crete... and even if it be called that too. For now, we can confirm that this model is manufactured under the HIVE methods, which ensure 'rigidity and lightness', and has three possible engines: a petrol 1.6 Dual VTVT 123 hp, 1.6 CRDI 128 hp and 90 hp 1.4 CRDI. We keep reporting ...

The future of small SUV Hyundai

Nissan: The Kicks, a global small SUV

Nissan has already presented the Kicks, a new Global small SUV the brand launched in 80 markets worldwide. Halfway in size between Juke and Qashqai, this summer will be released. No confirmation yet on whether reach Western European markets, the new Nissan Kicks, resulting in its design Kicks Concept presented in the Sao Paolo Hall in 2014, It is developed on the Nissan V platform (The B segment on which is based, for example, Nissan Micra or March). In size will be halfway yes a Juke and Qashqai: that is, it is already talking about size 4.30 meters long, about 17 centimeters longer than the first and about 8 shorter than the Qashqai. Currently there are no mechanical range announced, but everything indicates that it should take at least gasoline engines 1.2 DIG-T 115 hp and 110 hp 1.5 dCi, in versions with front and all-wheel drive. We'll see if it comes to Europe.

The future of small SUV Nissan

Nissan KicksAudi: Q2, and to get ready in autumn

Already presented, we've been able to drive since this July you can ask for ... and this fall we will see already on the market. we talk about Audi Q2, the small SUV that opens the brand to position it below the current Q3. Con 4.19 meters long, well over four meters from the Audi A1 and stays 13 centimeters of newly renovated Audi A3. It is known for having a good trunk with 405 liters of capacity, a good interior space and good dynamics. moment, we have tested version 1.4 TFSI 150PS petrol power, with cylinder shutdown system in a range of between 1,400 and 3,200 rpm.

The future of small SUV Audi

Citroën: the e-Mehari, the original bet

We ended up with the new Citroen e-Mehari, a small SUV you can already buy and represents the bet certainly most original of all. This new electric car is the reinterpretation of Mehari 1968, a simple and lightweight convertible with ABS plastic body. With a image that clearly connects with design Cactus Citroën C4, the gala brand has resorted to manufacturer Bolloré electric car specialist to give life to the car. The design is done by signing the two chevrons, while platform and propellant come from Bolloré extinct Blue Summer, although assembles in the Breton Group factory PSA in Rennes. We have already been proven. In the link below you will find all the information.

The new Citroën e-Mehari

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