Mercedes Mercedes GLA GLB 2018 and 2017, new SUV with star

Mercedes Mercedes GLA GLB 2018 and 2017, first picturesMercedes Mercedes GLA GLB 2018 and 2017, first picturesMercedes Mercedes GLA GLB 2018 and 2017, first picturesMercedes Mercedes GLA GLB 2018 and 2017, first pictures

segment SUV not stop giving news in the coming years. Mercedes-Benz are aware of the potential of this "cake" the car market and intend to launch a major offensive in this area. The first Big surprise take the name Mercedes GLB, whose commercial launch is scheduled for 2018.

According to our recreated computer images, the Mercedes GLB It can be considered at first as a 'Baby' Class G. If you look at your design, new Mercedes GLB maintains many aesthetic touches prototype Mercedes Ener-G-Force, a spectacular concept 2012 whose features derived from the mythical class G breaking therefore with aesthetic standards imposed on the body SUV. Not be his substitute, but his stylistic winks define this GLB multifaceted, more and better adapted to the adventure stylized GLA.

He new Mercedes GLB It will not be a tough for the most bestial practice of off-road type. According to the information available Freeway, he new Mercedes GLB not have reductive, but more height above the ground as well as a more refined off-road package and better angles of attack or output, although there will be two-wheel drive versions. X-245 is the internal code that is handled in the departments of engineering and Daimler are provided two bodies, one with capacity of five passengers and one with battle and elongated length 12 cm with seven seats.

2017 Mercedes GLAMercedes GLA, second generation in 2017

Mercedes GLA, second part. Already you are seeing you roll with the "camouflaged skin"Finalizing their set-offensive to plant a shot and BMW X1 and Audi Q3 new generation, in addition to the Infiniti QX30. He new Mercedes GLA It will remain almost the same length as much as the Renault Scénic new generation and retain the same 270 cm spacing between axes than the current model, battle also identical to that of a much longer Nissan X-Trail, although not expect great improvements in internal capacity. What it does is much more technology come on board as a new multimedia infotainment device with 8-inch screen, which will integrate functions Apple Car Play and MirrorLink, or improved driving assistants, such as a cruise control function jam. Outside, new generation of peripheral chambers, possibility of mounting Multibeam lights in the version of diodes 34 or aerodynamic also improved.

At the time of the start action Second-generation Mercedes GLA (Commercial launch planned for 2017), the most striking novelty mechanics will be replacing 2.1 turbodiesel engine for the new OM654 premiered in the Mercedes Class E and designed to accommodate platforms longitudinal and transverse engine versions here 150 hp 190 hp. The mechanical contribution of Renault would be the engine 1.6 dCi 130 hp. Around 2019, he Mercedes GLA added his first hybrid version, and enough space for "electrify" four-cylinder engine, and not one of three, not only viable solution to modify the architecture currently in use.

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