New BMW X5 2017 … and its future rivals SUV

BMW X5 2017: photos of the new luxury SUVBMW X5 2017: photos of the new luxury SUVBMW X5 2017: photos of the new luxury SUVBMW X5 2017: photos of the new luxury SUV

Until the arrival of future BMW X7 in 2018, the BMW X5 will continue to compete with the entire cast of large SUV there in the market. So far, their 7 seats They have allowed him to hold her own against a slightly larger models such as the Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90, which it brings about an approach and a touch driving much sportier, almost unbecoming of a SUV. Needless to say, the technological level in this segment is first order, to which must be added that latecomers are often accompanied by cutting-edge new equipment, technology and mechanics, so without changing platform, update you will experience the Bavarian model will serve to maintain its attractiveness until the arrival of the next generation.

Although it is difficult to add many more improvements without changing architecture, the new BMW X5 2017 You will demonstrate a lower consumption. As is usual with BMW, it is expected that the mechanical receive performance boost, backed by a decrease in consumption which would be around eleven% In most cases.

BMW X5 2017As for design features of the future BMW X5 2017, They will remain virtually unchanged, although it will use new headlights in line with the latest releases of the brand, aerodynamic improvements and bumper redesigned. Inside the BMW X5 adopt an air most luxurious, with new endings and an updated infotainment system, equipped with more intuitive menus and additional functions, especially in terms of connectivity and applications. It is still unknown if the engine is replaced triturbo BMW X5 M50d (381 hp) for the new four turbos announced for BMW 7 Series (394 hp), with which it could respond better to sophisticated Audi SQ7 TDI (435 hp), the latter with a biturbo system supported by an electric compressor. Mechanical optimization allow reduce consumption and emissions the full range BMW X5, increasing power slightly. He hybrid plug It will remain key in this regard.

A level of attendees, the new BMW X5 2017 It could incorporate automated driving system taken from BMW 7 Series, as supervision lane change with dodge vehicles traveling very close, although it is still early to say.

VW Touareg 2017: Total renovation

Volkswagen will almost simultaneously his Touareg... BMW X5. This will be renewed SUV great reference model in the brand, loaded with a true technological compendium that will be responsible for introducing new elements and safety equipment. It will be bigger, it will be based on the MLB Evo new architecture (the same as the Audi Q7) And will significantly reduce their weight. In Diesel its range will start with V6, V8 and maintained to offer more exclusivity and performance, but also there will be several levels of hybridization. Surely it will take another step up to be considered quite a large luxury SUV ... if it was not already.

VW Touareg 2017

Audi Q7: an SUV as complete

He Audi Q7 is and will then still one of the most complete of its kind SUV. It premiered earlier this year and offers attending endless driving, safety and efficiency systems, positioning itself as the benchmark in sophistication. It has a version plug-in hybrid Diesel, and a sporty SQ7 TDI. It's about a big SUV more than 5 meters long which is commercially available from a price of 62,590 euros. You can read the test on the link.

So is the Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Mercedes GLE: another SUV very renovated

Unlike BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90, Mercedes GLE You can not have 7 seats, since for it is his older brother luxurious GLS. Which are not lacking in this powerful SUV 4.82 meters long (Therefore something smaller and) are sports versions signed by AMG, or plug-in hybrid.

This is the Mercedes GLE

Mercedes GLE

Volvo XC90: Swedish excellence

He Volvo XC90 perhaps now the most exotic and the most interesting alternative that is in the large SUV segment luxury. This model 4.95 meters It has a very careful interior design and brilliant performance. Is very highlight its huge trunk and interior, plus the plug-in hybrid variant, very pleasant to drive and extremely powerful and efficient.

That's the Volvo XC90

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