So will the next 3 Series and the new BMW engines

BMW 3 Series 2018 so will be the new saloonBMW 3 Series 2018 so will be the new saloonBMW 3 Series 2018 so will be the new saloonBMW 3 Series 2018 so will be the new saloon

If world G20 is a meeting of great importance, BMW It means revolution big: the internal name the future generation of BMW 3 Series we should see for the first time late 2018. Computer recreations our partner (Schulte) Rarely fail, but neither intended to be other than BMW can maintain the residual value of its rather high models.

So you can understand that the future BMW 3 Series will provide a great leap Later in the foreign language, but entering fluid in the iconography of the brand. Stylistically, It will be filled without doubt winks the latest 7 Series ... and it is leaving it clear that all technological content which has received the flagship it will certainly quickly moving to the lower segments. In those where BMW makes large sales volumes.

The real mutation of next BMW 3 Series new generation will, rather then inward. Rumors suggest that It will be much cleaner, clear and progressive the current combining gesture recognition and analog clocks, but with inspiration inside the BMW i Vision. It is clear that the transit to autonomous driving It requires going simplifying the visual growing internal complexity.

BMW 3 Series: Carbon fiber 2.0

In the invisible, new BMW 3 Series will receive structural changes where the brand is already working search of lightness. Soon we will see in the Series 5, the current model still pioneered the use of steel and aluminum. Definitely, also you receive carbon, as we have seen within the pillars of the BMW erie 7 for providing an extra body strength.

2018 BMW 3 Seriesincreased strength and weight down, because even though the next generation of BMW Series 3 will grow in size, you will lose about 80 kilos weight on the road. BMW has already showed us building technologies carbon, that by a removable molds, for preforms, allow larger parts conform to the views of the 7 Series and economically. And this goal, how to manufacture fiber parts with embedded metal elements, which can be bolted other parts. Can not rule out that this is the way, not only the combination of steel and aluminum, leading to the new 3 Series is all light is then expected ... to fatten basis of new technological elements in its digital way and not lose the momentum that has always characterized.

BMW 3 Series: new engines

If we say that will come with the 3 Series revised engine family BMW, based on 500 cm3 per cylinder, do not think that is what you already know. It is based on it, but will change everything for the upcoming anti-pollution regulations, including the overall driving test or in actual use.

Of the Diesel engine cylinders six four turbos we've talked a lot, but what is important for the BMW 3 Series models are three- and four-cylinder, they shall inherit part of their "technology packages"... or those gasoline engines receive "expected" particulate filter, as did the diesel. The general objective of the remodeling is reduce consumption between 2.5 and 5 percent.

To achieve this, the BMW 316d will not be a 4-cylinder and will then hold 3. The next step, the BMW 318d, will retain its power 150 hp, but the pair will rise by ten percent to 35.7 mkg maximum. He BMW 320d will continue as now in power and torque (regimes are still ignored), but if the restyled 325d GT offers 224 hp, the future generation jump to 231 hp. ¿Shallow alterations result of the exchange, as some think? No, the changes involve an astonishing depth.

New engine BMWAll engines four-cylinder Diesel need two turbos cascaded and the injection pressure will increase to between 2,200 and 2,700 bars (both will be used as piezo injectors solenoid) incorporating a sensor needle seal to ensure proper operation throughout its life cycle. The EGR is divided into low and high pressure cleaning equipment and reinforce to treat NOx by simultaneous application of a filter-NOx trap and reduced SCR continuous with urea. Furthermore, the control unit may disconnect the water pump to accelerate the heating and cooling oil pistons. A Diesel cylinders are given the form of a truncated cone to as hot dilation acquires programmed cylindrical and the frictions are reduced. With the same intention will be given a plasma treatment to its surface. Of course, all engines take balancer shafts. Simple, right?

In gasoline lighten up to 5 kilos in BMW engines 3 cylinder, Y 8 kilos the four cylinders, especially important because part of it is done on the crankshaft. This will help increase torque and power, which aims to 5kW (about 7 hp more) And 2 mkg compared with today's engines, all with consumer savings and overcoming future pollution regulations. Most notable is the adoption of an injection to 350 bar, with new geometries jet, together with an exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head, a separate cooling block and cylinder head, and a chain of simple distribution are modifications "notable". As much as mute toward connectivity as we shall see, BMW can not forget their bases "Bavarian Motor Factory".

2018 BMW 3 Series TouringBMW 3 Series: more connectivity

And is that, if the current restyling of the BMW 3 Series GT has built a user interface with Same presentation 7 Series (More style icons of Windows 10, which folder menu), when the next generation arrives BMW is already immersed in a spiral Thom Brenner, vice president of Digital Services BMW called "accelerate Internet speed". BMW want to be connected car paradigm, that car becomes an even more practical (and desired) instrument mobile phone. In fact, intend to enter software renewal cycles that "cap" to which the user has access with which it interacts, six weeks, as in the mobile world.

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In its latest release (BMW Connected), the German brand plays the card of serving the vast majority of users, without changing everyone your smartphone, and boast that while others talk, they already have the basis for "teach the car to help and think for yourself". Of course, everything revolves in principle to the mobile phone and refers to its information system in the cloud (based on the platform of Microsoft Azure), thanks to which, in less than five minutes you can integrate your digital life in the car and begin to "benefit from the services that will be offering since August BMW". That is, the plate G20 may seem a classical evolution, but when BMW launched this 3 Series and will be deployed his concept of "personal mobility partner" inside, thanks to cloud Microsoft is scalable and will gradually catching volume with the new 7 Series and 5 Series then.

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