Opel will arrive in 2017: Insignia, two new SUV …

Opel will present up to 7 new, 2 of them unpublished SUV in 2017Opel will present up to 7 new, 2 of them unpublished SUV in 2017Opel will present up to 7 new, 2 of them unpublished SUV in 2017Opel will present up to 7 new, 2 of them unpublished SUV in 2017

"7 in 17" is the message presiding headquarters Opel in Russelsheim, Germany. Recently we were there to talk to her President, K. T. Neumann, the near future of the brand. The message is clear and direct: will be 7 new Opel to see next year. Some already know, such as Ampera-e (Tell you all here); others know almost everything, like Insignia future with their three variants bodywork, and there are many open secrets that tell us about two unpublished SUV. Also industrial Opel Movano you will experience an update. And if we look at 2018, a third and imposing SUV, in the environment of the 4.8 meters of length, will complete a very modern range.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Schulte

Opel Insignia: Grand Sport, Sports Tourer and Country Tourer

The new Opel Insignia It is the first novelty that comes to mind, with its Three types of bodies available. The conventional hatchback (hatchback) will be known as Grand Sport and family variant, as Sport Tourer. This one will know crossover version will be developed as Country Tourer. No pinchas here, we tell you our first impressions future generation Insignia, that we have conducted.

Opel Crossland X Schulte

Crossland X Opel: Meriva is the SUV

Crossland X is the name chosen to replace the current Meriva, assuming closed this model minivan who has lived two generations, both manufactured in the Figueruelas plant in Zaragoza. Why the name Crossland X? According to the chairman of Opel, K.T Neuman, "We used to differentiate the X bolder body styles". With Crossland, continues, "we seek a different name, with more adventurous mentality, sportier". Crossland X, which hits the market next month of June, It will continue to be manufactured in Zaragoza, and also assembled at this plant its derivation for Citroen to replace the current Citroen C3 Picasso C3 Aircross or for Cactus.

Opel Future X 2017

Opel Grandland X: anti Qashqai

Later, in November, it will launch an SUV in our country over the Opel Crossland X and Opel Mokka X to rival heavyweight segment C. As Opel will manufacture for Citroën in Figueruelas, in the case of segment C, he Opel future Grandland X you expand the information here will be made by Peugeot in France, where the French firm manufactures and the Peugeot 3008. Already in 2018 You should reach a final Opel SUV, in the vicinity of 4,8 meters and taking advantage of the new platform Opel Insignia, developed without external allies and manufactured in Russelsheim.