Mercedes Class A 2018 video and more details of the new compact

Mercedes A Class 2018: the new compact revvingMercedes A Class 2018: the new compact revvingMercedes A Class 2018: the new compact revvingMercedes A Class 2018: the new compact revving

The countdown for the arrival of new Mercedes Class A has started. For several days, several spy circulating on the Internet and video images (like the one accompanying this article) of a car Mercedes Benz with camouflage suit rolling in Nurburgring (Germany) and its vicinity. If you analyze all these "stolen pictures", Size and so you can guess in design, is at 99.9 percent new Class A.

A few weeks ago, I move that the new Mercedes Class officially debut in the next edition of Geneva Motor Show (in 2018, It will be held from 6 to 18 March). The fourth generation of this compact car segment C is one of the undisputed stars of the Swiss shows and one of the pillars of the future strategy of the German firm, since the Class A is the best selling worldwide brand model Stuttgart.

Mercedes A Class 2018: A "mold" and several bodies

The future range of new Mercedes Class A It will be offered with numerous body versions. To the already known variants 5-door, CLA and CLA Shooting Brake, is more than likely that there will be a new Class Sedan -Mercedes introduced a few months ago a prototype called Concept Sedan-, plus two exclusive, elegant and sporty Class Cabrio Y A GT, all with the mind set to offer two rivals height Audi TT and the new BMW Z4.

Mercedes Class A 2018 video

Technically, the platform construction of which will start the new Mercedes Class A It will be an evolution of actual MFA transverse engine and front wheel drive. The use of stronger and lighter materials will carry a reduction in weight of about 50 kilograms on average, an element that impact, no doubt, in a step forward in terms of efficiency, with small gasoline engines and diesel small displacement (more than likely a presumable Mercedes-AMG A sports court).

The hybrid versions, hybrid plug in and even purely electrical, They could also be accommodated in new generation of Class A. He A prototype EQ It would be the starting point of a Future Class A Electric.

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