All new Mercedes: 40 new cars by 2020

All new Mercedes to arrive until 2020All new Mercedes to arrive until 2020All new Mercedes to arrive until 2020All new Mercedes to arrive until 2020

just a week ago, our German colleagues at Auto Motor und Sport (magazine belonging to our own editorial) we discovered a whole exclusive: Plans to launch this 2017 BMW since 2021. Always well informed with first hand details of the heads of major Germanic brands, the warning was given to his rivals. notice today directly reflects Mercedes to fight back. And how.

And it is that data now also an article by AMS, Mercedes hits even stronger. 2020, one year less than BMW, promises no less than 40 new or significantly refreshed cars. And it will affect all market segments: Compact sedans, SUV, pure SUV, family, new electrical ... Here we give some details in more depth the most important and new releases hitting nearby, and immediately conclude with the most complete picture with each upcoming release schedule and marketing. To enjoy!

Mercedes GLA: April 2017

Double novelty to becoming Mercedes GLA, he SUV smaller;today or brand. The first comes already: this spring see your renovated with a design slightly modified, more equipment and a new engine. It will be an update to endure until the arrival commercially, and in early 2019, your brand new second generation. then MFA2 based on the new platform, the GLA will be much lighter and acquire new assistance systems and entertainment premiered before the new Class A. It will also mounted wider and more efficient engines.

This is the new Mercedes GLA

Mercedes Class AMercedes Class A: early 2018

Care will be one of the big stars the next few years in Mercedes: the new Class A and his family which will arrive in body Shooting family Brake, saloon-coupé GLA and CLA and 2019 which we've talked before. And we have seen some design features that mark their new guidelines. It will advance much in equipment, diesel and gasoline engines provide 3 and 4 cylinder, plus a plug-in hybrid and should be around 100 km of electric range. Known internally as W177, It also released the second generation MFA modular platform (For all front wheel drive cars) ... that even the Infiniti Q30 used and QX30. Its weight is estimated to be lowered by 50 kg and could reach an AMG version with more than 400 hp.

So will the new Mercedes Class A

Mercedes Class X: end of 2017

Important premiere very soon know. Yes because Mercedes launches this year its first pick-up... promises, of course, be the most luxurious and exclusive option market. Your name will class X, and already we have seen a very similar to the final production model advancement through a concept car. You have two design variants, a high level of comfort, a sturdy ladder frame chassis, 6-cylinder engines and permanent four-wheel drive with gearbox. his technical background will be similar to the new Nissan Navara thanks to the alliance agreements between the two groups.

So will the Mercedes Class X

Mercedes Class XMercedes GLB: 2019

As will happen in Land Rover with its iconic Defender, also Mercedes reinterpret his most iconic SUV concept through new GLB which should appear on the market 2019. Technically this new GLB will be much more than an evolution of the GLA or Class B, but will share base and many components with them. It is more than likely that you can have an off-road package with reducing, higher suspension, and body specific different lengths that could result versions of 5 or 7 seats wheels.

This will be the future Mercedes GLB

Mercedes Class C: 2019-2020

Turn to one of the most important and emblematic Mercedes models. Although the C-Class will have between late this year and early 2018 a restyling light, its new generation is expected probably 2020, although we might already know at the end of 2019. internal designation W206, will use and modular platform MRA2 (Mercedes rearwheel Architecture) also visible in Class E and S superiors. It still start start with conventional engines, even one with 6 and 8 cylinder, but gradually introduce even some electric variant. New autonomous driving systems and the most advanced security make up a saloon willing, as always, to mark time and leave behind the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4.

This will be the future Mercedes C Class

Mercedes EQ: 2019

Revolutionary as they come, says the EQ name. It will be a sub-brand within Mercedes, and its first model will be this Size SUV almost a GLE. Yes model will play a new family of electric cars, mounted two electric motors and autonomy in higher principle than 500 km with zero emissions. Later there will be new alternatives in sedan format. They will also have a highly advanced multimedia equipment with next-generation systems, as an impressive 24-inch giant instrumentation, and lots of autonomous driving. The future seems to happen around here.

So will the Mercedes EQ

Mercedes EQAll new Mercedes 2020

Mercedes E Class All TerrainFebruary 2017
Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupespring 2017
Mercedes-AMG GT / GT S restylingspring 2017
Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadsterspring 2017
Mercedes E-Class CoupéMarch 2017
Mercedes-AMG E 63March 2017
Mercedes-AMG GT RMarch 2017
Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650March 2017
Mercedes GLA restylingApril 2017
Mercedes S Class Coupe "Night Edition"April 2017
Mercedes-Maybach S 650 ConvertibleMay 2017
Mercedes S Class restylingJuly 2017
Mercedes-AMG E63 EstateAugust 2017
Mercedes E Class CabrioSeptember 2017
Mercedes S Class Coupe restylingSeptember 2017
Mercedes-AMG Project Oneautumn 2017
Mercedes C Class restylingautumn 2017
Mercedes Class Xfinal 2017
Mercedes Sprinterfinal 2017
GLC Mercedes F-Cell Plug-in2017
Mercedes-AMG GLC 632017
Mercedes-Maybach GLS 5002018
Class Mercedes G63 AMG G and2018
Mercedes C Class Estate All Terrain2018
Mercedes Class AEarly 2018
Mercedes Class A Long2018
Mercedes GLE2018
Mercedes CLS2018
Mercedes-AMG CLS2018
Mercedes Class B2019
Mercedes CLA2019
Mercedes GLB2019
Mercedes GLA2019
Mercedes EQ2019
EQ Mercedes Limousine2019
Mercedes SL2019
Mercedes SLC2019
Mercedes C Class2020
EQ Mercedes luxury saloon¿2020?
EQ Mercedes luxury SUV¿2020?

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