BMW Car offensive: All new 2020

Objective 2020: BMW will renew its entire range of carsObjective 2020: BMW will renew its entire range of carsObjective 2020: BMW will renew its entire range of carsObjective 2020: BMW will renew its entire range of cars

BMW puts the foot on the accelerator. The struggle between premium brands is total and not a minute to lose if you do not want to stay behind and technologically business. In the calendar, BMW He has indicated in red 2020, the year that will consolidate a new brand: its product offensive as it will be until that date brutal, both new generations of its most successful current models, as in new models exist so far in its bid. By proximity in time, which will the third-generation BMW X3 is in an advanced state and gestation. And then we started our tour around the Future BMW for its X range, because, like any other manufacturer SUV market, have become key models backbone of any range. If you walk into the gallery that we have prepared you'll see all future BMW.

BMW X3: lighter and more dynamic in 2017

They say so define this third generation X3 BMW has not been for a renewal more. This new context successful segment, where there is also increasing competition (such as Porsche Macan or Lexus NX) has been taken into account, but those responsible for BMW also detected a new rivalry coming from the ranks of the brand. With the current generation BMW X5 growing "down" with that sDrive 25d version 4-cylinder rear-wheel drive with price more "tight", and the BMW X1 impersonating a compact X3, its position was not clear.

So BMW is working to ward off back to the future X3 X1 and therefore closer to the X5. his design, without breaking the current DNA BMW X, It will be more impactful. Pressure also bounce off the BMW X1 and X5. The first drawing on many of functional solutions, such as Sliding rear bench, and second, questioning his technical status. The BMW X3 would, after imposing and new 7 Series, the second already benefited HPLC using modular platform and it would take advantage of a structure formed, if necessary, for high strength steels, aluminum and magnesium.

BMW X3 futureLightness and stiffness theoretically lead dynamics BMW X3 to another level ... to also respond to the pressure of the Porsche Macan. For that, It is contemplated for the first time in an M version X3, taking 3.0 V6 biturbo engine of the BMW M3 / M4. And also You will have its hybrid version relevant to stand up not only the Lexus NX. In this case, the X5 xDrive40e will take its mechanical plant, a 2.0 turbo petrol 245 hp and an electric motor of 113 hp for a total of 313 hp, so purely electric drive up to 125 km / h and 40 km of autonomy . But the future of the X range will not end here.

BMW X2: SUV Coupe 2017

And is that the new X1 and derive relevant variant coupé BMW X2, with a run in the style of what today they propose the current BMW X4 and X6, against its X3 and X5 source, respectively aesthetics. Not only will a sportier image that will bring this X2 will come the market and at the end of 2017, but also a mechanical range of engines and transmissions always focused on completely enhance dynamism. Promises, of course ... but look up, there will be another new X.

BMW X7: giant SUV by the end of 2018

Yes, because BMW decided long ago also Europe stand up to Mercedes and Range Rover GLS, and on the American market Also the Cadillac Escalade. And it will be a BMW X7 future who confronts such a request. This new SUV in the range of no less than 5.1 meters long, liza will a new platform that will also serve for future BMW X5 and X6, using aluminum and carbon fiber to meet a dynamic that respect the style book also brand: maximum agility. Incursion because in unfamiliar terrain with a large SUV It mounted gasoline engines 6 to 12 cylinders, and later even offer variant plug-in. Without intending to start Diesel.

BMW 5 Series: renovation since 2016

Today the importance of BMW SUV does not remove even to acknowledge that They have been actually their saloons which have romanticized the brand. They are tradition and plays within less than two years handing its probably two flagship models. Before the end of 2016 will reach one new generation of 5 Series, and she started. Heiress also the modular platform CLAR, 5 Series will be his again much of the cutting edge technology that has been released recently BMW 7 Series renovated to counter the staging of the amazing new Mercedes E-Class. In the structure of Series 5 there is no room for the carbon fiber Series 7, but for the aluminum and magnesium. BMW quantized to 100 kilos weight rebate the future generation, much more sophisticated, but only politely daring sight. It does not question the future BMW 5 Series GT will be this time less massive and sportier sight. Much less a 5 Series Touring has a loyal clientele in many European markets.

BMW 3 Series G20: new design for 2017

Months later will be the turn for the renewal of Future BMW 3 Series, here with higher visual renewal. BMW wants to introduce bold new features that outline a future image of the BMW, but it will first in this series 3 type aware that his client is more receptive than the more traditional purchaser of Series 5 to break with the past. From headlights to be more slanted and narrow than ever, the bumper, radiator grille and dual bonnet kidney renew and strengthen visual sportiness of the BMW boasting. Also, as the Series 5, multiply its renewal in all formats featuring body. There will be a restyling of the current 3 Series GT, but it seems clear that this format is adopted in future generations. We will also see a new Touring, also stylizing figure.

Future BMW 3 SeriesBMW 4 Series: new coupe for 2018

He also renewed deeply named new BMW Series 4 which gives its name to variants Coupe and Gran Coupe. An extra effort you will see on product quality, since even BMW has acknowledged that this generation was not up to the circumstances. It hit the market one year after the sedan, ie, and in 2018, more slanted headlights and more pronounced ribs, deep in general greater sportiness.

BMW 1 Series Sedan: front-wheel drive and

2017 will also be the renewal the smallest BMW sedan, March 1 Series Size 1, yes, and on the front-drive platform that will serve for all future 1 Series. Succumb because the practical rigors against the technical, inheriting cross platform engine and front-wheel drive on which bases its new small BMW models like the Series 2 and X1. From there, BMW has in its portfolio to make a Saloon 4-door sedan on the 1 Series (One smaller 3 Series), which by its mechanical configuration will offer a new model of compact dimensions capable as family saloon. A Gran Coupe is under study, anticipated as a concept in China, but also aimed at Europe.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe: anti CLA 2017

Section closed and saloons with new future BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. Mercedes campeando and now at home in the segment with attractive CLA, It will then replica BMW. This unprecedented series 2 Gran Coupe, developed and also on the new platform transverse engine and front wheel drive, will seek to become a commercial space in a new type of clientele for the brand.

BMW Z4: Toyota Partner

BMW Z4 futureNo we can not lose sight of the sportiest range. Here, profitability numbers to continue the BMW Z4 They did not fit the brand. Solution? Look for a partner to share costs (such as Mazda and Fiat have made their MX5 and 124 Spider). In this case Toyota has been who has entered operation. But the German brand says its new BMW Z4 2017 will be a true roadster BMW (Of course, with rear-wheel drive) And in terms of dynamics than today. It is not ruled out that the M sports division makes its relevant version, but the new BMW Z4 will have to monetize with reasonably passionate versions. BMW puts his own motors 3, 4 and 6 cylinder... both petrol and diesel.

BMW i5 Crossover: a by Tesla Model X

We finished the chapter future BMW with its growing range i. German mark He bet on electric cars, But not at any price. Alone today understands light, or not heavy, and high autonomy. He BMW i3 will have just a restyling in 2018, but its development will be used to carry out a second more pragmatic model. BMW raises as well as today a BMW i5 which will benefit from new generation batteries which authorize autonomies above 400 km. It would be great and capable, but not heavy, relying again on the aluminum and carbon fiber. With increasingly smaller electrical modules, integration into the shafts allows easily have all-wheel drive. The ZF BMW is supplying the customer, has presented its own electric rear axle, motor and directional. ¿Advance of a future comprehensive BMW i5 4x4? We'll see, but it will be in the next chapter ... still undiscovered.

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