Renault Clio 2016: much more than an updated design

Renault Clio 2016Renault Clio 2016Renault Clio 2016Renault Clio 2016

He Renault Clio 2016 It has been renewed aesthetic and mechanical level, in order to keep up with the popularity and success that have allowed the model to continue to keep alive 26 years after its release.

In appearance, the Renault Clio 2016 has a revised front grille and bottom of the grille. The headlights now have technology Full LED, while the rear lights gain daytime running lights LED type. The color palette sum body tones'Rouge Intense' (Red), 'Titanium gray'(Gray) and'Iron Bleu'(Blue), while the wheels will have wheels with new designs.

Inside, we found a cabin with more options and materials to choose from, as well as infotainment systems R&GO, Media Nav Evolution Y R-Link, the latter each associated equipment version.

Motors Renault Clio 2016

This new Renault Clio maintains its usual mechanical supply with gasoline turbocharged engines (TCe) and diesel (dCi) from 75 and 120 hp, with the news that you can choose the engine Diesel 1.5 dCi 110 hp with manual six-speed transmission. The latter, also may be coupled to the petrol engine 1.2 TCe 120 hp -before only available with automatic gearbox six speeds in GT- finishes. According to the preferred version, the motor is associated with the manual gearbox five-speed or six-speed to (for gasoline and diesel versions stronger), while the Automatic dual-clutch transmission six-speed EDC It is reserved as an option for the drive Diesel 1.5 dCi 90 hp and the 1.2 TCe petrol 120 hp).

online assessment of your used carRenault Clio Initiale Paris 2016

Renault will offer the option Initiale Paris in this model, as it did in early 2015 as a limited edition. On this occasion, Renault Clio Initiale Paris will have a greater mechanical supply and a new exterior and interior appearance.

The body is painted in the exclusive color 'Gray Givré ' and both the steering wheel and knob shifter leather dress Nappa. Furthermore, also it includes elements that distinguish it from other conventional range Clio, as the audio system 'premium' signed by Bose, Form 'C' created by its LED headlights, the multimedia R-Link series system and the system 'Easy Park Assist', Which allows both online and in battery automatic parking.

this edition Initiale Paris it can buy diesel versions associated with the engine 1.5 dCi 90 and 110 hp, as well as the gasoline engine 1.2 TCe, in power levels 90 and 120 hp.

He price Access in France for Renault Clio 2016 is 13,700 euros (Life finished gasoline engine and 75 hp), while the Renault Clio Initiale Paris 2016 will cost from 22,200 euros (Petrol engine 90 hp) in the Gallic country.

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