Mercedes E Class 2016, photos and definitive technical data

Mercedes E Class 2016, photos of the new luxury saloonMercedes E Class 2016, photos of the new luxury saloonMercedes E Class 2016, photos of the new luxury saloonMercedes E Class 2016, photos of the new luxury saloon

Mercedes has already prepared its future large sedan, a new Totally new class E that landed throughout the year in a market where the Audi A6 was already completely rolled but has been further reinforced by their bases point adjustment range and incorporation of new versions, Jaguar finished launching an entirely new generation XF, volvo It has ready a shocking S90 Y BMW also works on your brand new 5 series. Still, Mercedes plans to revolutionize the segment with respect to design not just by lines, but by the aerodynamic efficiency of your body thanks to a Cx 0.23- quality, possibilities equipment, performance and above all, comfort, since time immemorial, strength of the brand.

Mercedes E-Class: New Architecture

Any brand or industry group works very long term, so now will be the new Mercedes E-Class who benefit from the modular architecture MRA released both by Mercedes class C as the flagship of the house, the Mercedes Class S. know, lighter, safer, rigid and flexible on "adaptability" different technologies and lengths. On Class E, a configuration is employed 2939 mm separation between axes, nothing less than 65 mm plus the outgoing generation, which unquestionably result in more space for passengers in the rear seats. Length, meanwhile, will be 4.923 meters, about 4 centimeters more than the current Class E. Their line is much slimmer, but also more majuestuosa, elegant and full of nuances in every corner.

Front will have two designs, depending on the finish. Both the Core and will lead the Exclusive finished star brand hood, while Avantgrede and AMG will use a sportier grille with the brand logo in the center. His gaze is a hallmark of advanced technology thanks to the headlights Led multibeam, 84 LEDs per headlamp face individually controlled to generate a light beam totally variable depending on the track, path or traffic. Meanwhile, active grids called Advanced airpanel open and close to optimize engine cooling, in addition to another second set of "blind" under tuition that improve aerodynamic performance at high speed. Back, another of vanguardismo, although optional flash in this case. Optical groups based on an unpublished reflective technology they look, depending on the brand, like stardust, with a special glow reminiscent of the Milky Way.

At the time of launch, Mercedes E-Class will feature two completely new engines. In gasoline, E 200 hides a 2.0-liter block with supercharging and direct injection yielding 184 hp. Its performance figures are these: 7.7 seconds in the 0-100 km / h, 5.9 l / 100 km average consumption and 132 g / km. The starter Diesel will, meanwhile, Mercedes E 220 d, and with 2.0 liter block, cylinder head and crankshaft with aluminum, less distance between cylinders above 2.2 liter, antifriction treatment ... An engine therefore much more superior performance and technology as above 2.2. In its first version E 220 d, yields 195 hp, announces an average consumption of 3.9 l / 100 km, 102g / km emissions and 7.3 l / km average consumption. It is, therefore, motorization with the best data and power consumption in its class. Later, this block will be offered with less and more powerful versions E 200 and E 250 d d, In this case, double supercharging.

Via E 200 petrol, and hybridized by a 82 hp electric motor and technology Plug-in, the E350 and configures the hybrid option saloon, with a global power 258 hp and 600 Nm of torque. announces 30 km of electric range and an average consumption of 2.1 l / 100 km, equivalent to 49 g / km. Although faithful to the 6-cylinder, there will be, however, a radical change in their engines. The most powerful diesel range will be an E 350 d with 258 hp; 5.8 seconds in the 0-100 km / h and 5.1 l / 100 km average consumption are some of its main records. For his part, E 400 is 6-cylinder gasoline engine more powerful with the counting range, yielding 333 hp. This version will only be sold with all-wheel drive 4Matic. They carry automatic switching series 9G-Tronic. Por above, versions AMG V8 biturbo also improved, and the corresponding "treatment" brand regarding chassis and props.

Even more years than his rivals behind him, the Class E farewell being the most comfortable sedan in its segment, but the incoming generation wants to further raise the levels of comfort and refinement and it optionally provide an enhanced version of its Air Air suspensions Body Control, this time, air cushion dual chamber front axle and the rear triple and amortiguares electronic control and variable adjustment. A selector driving profiles Dynamic Select, modes can be selected Comfort, Eco, Sport, Sport +, plus an adjustment individual. They also damping adjustment, laws affect change, address or motor.

For its part, the Class E offers also different alternatives damping metal spring: A standard, another 15 lower for Avantragrade versions but comfortable fit, and a sport setting with adaptive dampers with mechanical valve, equivalent to the current sports suspension mm. Comfort trademark. Mercedes quality seal. And security 5 Stars. We see these points.

New Mercedes E-Class: from within

Inspired by the Mercedes Class C and Class S, but with qualities and materials that are closer to the flagship of the house, the Class E will a spectacular instrumentation therefore the size of the screens helm as possible configurations offered. In this regard, according to reports, the Class E available two instrumentations different, one by uniting two adjacent screens 7 and 8.4 inches Let's say for versions "simple"And other configuration by two impressive high-resolution screens of 12.3 inches each, in both cases molten glass that unifies. The driver can choose from three different display styles: Classic, Sport and Pregressive. The seats are new generation and for the first time there will be a package with heated thermal armrest both the door and the glove compartment located between the seats. Natural materials and technical fabrics fill the cabin of Class E, in which only illumination from LED can generate up to 64 color environments.

It is clear that the "tablets" They are flooding the cockpits, but also how to interact with the vehicle, where we find more innovations, such as touchpad of the center console that now extends to different steering wheel controls from which management functions and systems, among which highlighted abundant new active safety measures. Here, Mercedes also wants to revolutionize the segment.

Mercedes E-Class: safety

New system with pedestrian recognition autonomous braking, improved Active Cruise Control with autonomous throttle intervention and brakes up to 200 km / h. And again Active Lane Change Assist, one of those preliminary steps for "autopilot". It is an autonomous lane change assistant operating between 80 and 180 km / h, based on cameras, sensors and actuators for steering, accelerator or brake. Here You have all the details of its operation.

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