Lexus LS + Concept: autonomous luxury car

Brand new Lexus in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017Brand new Lexus in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017Brand new Lexus in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017Brand new Lexus in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Lexus He has unveiled a prototype capabilities autonomous driving, called Lexus LS + Concept, presented at the 45th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. This is the vision that has the Japanese brand regarding its top end Lexus LS, and anticipates possible design language and technology highly automated driving which will be available in the year 2020.

Besides having a modern headlights where no shortage of certain functions performed by laser diodes, he Lexus LS + Concept uses eye-catching electronic mirrors, They are employing a camera to transmit their images to the passenger compartment. But the really interesting Lexus LS + Concept are their technologies autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. Using the Wizard 'Highway Teammate' It is able to move without driver intervention by motorway sections, as the car itself is able to keep within the lane, keep the distance from other vehicles as well as perform automatic lane changes, incorporations and highway exits.

Another feature of Lexus LS + Concept It is that it can communicate with a data center to keep their systems updated, download new software and add new features. At the same time, a system artificial intelligence learns from data collected from the road environment and to ensure a high level of automated driving.

Additionally, Lexus He has introduced two limited series from his F sports division, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the launch of its first product, the IS F, in 2007. Without giving up the luxury characteristic Lexus, the GS F sports saloon and the coupe RC F provide highly dynamic and driving pleasure and are distinguished by the use of specific dampers more prestacionales, titanium exhaust line and external components CFRP (Polymer reinforced with carbon fiber). The matte gray exterior panels and interior accents in blue tonality 'Heat Blue' finish off the set. In this case, Lexus plans to sell 50 units each of them in Japan from spring 2018.

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