The Spanish brand Velantur Cars will launch in 2017 its first electric car

Velantur Cars, an all-Spanish company, has already given his first car date: 2017. It will be a classic coupe and all-electric style. Tremble Tesla!The Spanish brand Velantur Cars will launch in 2017 its first electric car

In the former premises of Santana Linares is headquartered Velantur Cars, a company founded by Jofemar, leader in vending and driving the electric car project Hidronew XX; Y Retrofactory, a handmade small series manufacturer known for its brand Hurtan.

The alliance between Navarre and grenadine firms, after 18 months development, testing and preparation is already outlining the following two phases, industrialization and launch, to give green light for first vehicle: A car greatly exclusive and of classic design and yet, totally electric to respond to the concept Art-Tech jienense that encourages brand.

4 meters long and an electric autonomy exceed 400 km, the first Velantur be a coupé three doors and similar benefits to those of a car with an internal combustion engine 180 hp, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h to be below 8 seconds.

These 400 km of autonomy would be achieved with batteries Ion yet unannounced capacity and admit a process of fast loading besides the usually more lentos- in about 30 minutes.

The two prototypes are already under dynamic test would be the first step of a car that would production next year, in 2017. For 2022, Venlantur Cars estimated rate of production of 4,000 units / year.

Will this be coupé made in Linares the seed of Tesla Spanish?