The top 15 cars in 2016: SUV, sports, saloons …

The best cars of the yearThe best cars of the yearThe best cars of the yearThe best cars of the year

A diverse group of bodies and segments. Sports cars, SUVs, sedans ... The cars will be introduced this year will like us all. has made a selection of the 16 cars that will dazzle this year. The staging of Renault Megane earlier this year has not been there since it is also planned marketing late summer family variant, he Renault Megane Sport Tourer. Just around the corner, comes the tenth generation Mercedes Class E, which goes on sale from 48,200 euros, or expected Volkswagen Tiguan it grows in size and is modernized in technology and safety. And for months "warm" the summer, as we see in the new SUV dealerships Ateca Seat and striking Fiat 124 Spider, a two-seater convertible that is sure we will enjoy. These are our 15 chosen.

Kia Sportage: now on sale

If he Hyundai Tucson in 2015 raised the bar for compact SUVs, and turn to the 4th generation of Kia Sportage who shares with him architecture, engines and components, but even more nod to design and sportsmanship. Made on a new platform, announces 40% more torsional rigidity, superior insulation, new geometry suspension and ride comfort. Their 4.48 m long and 3 cm over battle also ensure more space and a 500-liter luggage compartment, complete with more equipment and new sports GT-Line versions. It will combine front- or all-wheel drive, two petrol engines (1.6 132 177 hp), three diesel (1.7 CRDi 117 hp and 2.0 with 136 and 184 hp) and new transmissions, such as automatic dual-clutch 7-speed. On Sale Now for 19,889 euros.

Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi / 184: first impressions

The Kia Sportage 2016 video

BMW M2 Coupe: arrives in April

Carry a motor 3 liter six cylinder inline made of aluminum and double turbo. East develops 370 hp at 6,500 rpm, very close to the cut (7,000 rpm), and 47.4 mkg torque, growing to 51 mkg in overboost. The power to the rear wheels come through a manual series with six gears or by optional automatic dual-clutch gearbox M DKG. Goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds with this gearbox (4.5 with the manual). And although the maximum speed are the usual 250 km / h of German manufacturers, with M Driver's Package It can be increased to 270 km / h. To stop takes brakes made in compounds, drilled, 380 mm and 370 mm diameter front and rear materials. Monta Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 19-inch wheels.

BMW M2 Coupe

BMW M2 CoupeJaguar F-Pace arrives in April

The segment SUV or SUV It has never been the natural habitat of a brand like Jaguar, always oriented sporting luxury. But its effectiveness is guaranteed because all its technology inherited from his sister brand Land Rover. Using the same base, it brings its own AWD system released in the Jaguar F-Type and brings in a body segment with a high percentage of aluminum.

With their 4.73 m long It comes to rival the most luxurious finishes models like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. It will be available from the start with Diesel 180 hp in 4x2 or 4x4 version, and the V6 diesel and V6 petrol 300 hp or 380 hp 340 AWD and ZF automatic 8-speed. Five trim levels: Pure, Prestige, R-Sport, Portfolio and S, and selling price of 45,000 €.

We tested the Jaguar F-Pace

Mercedes Class E: arrives in April

Strategic model Mercedes and, consequently, one of the best saloons silent. With this they are already ten generations of the Mercedes Class E, which now it appears lighter 100 kilos, loaded with new technologies and with powers between 150 and 600 hp AMG V8, and a price starts at 48,220 euros. Back with him a new generation of engines inline six-cylinder, replacing the V6, both petrol and diesel. For the four-cylinder Diesel OM651 also there is provided a successor. A plug-in hybrid version a Mercedes E350E (The name "e" and premiered with Mercedes C350e) with a electric range of 50 km (Compared to 30 km equivalent Class C). A new air suspension three cameras hopes to offer a comfortable ride even better than today. Remote parking from Mobile, assistant dodges acting on steering and braking ... will be one step away from autonomous driving.

We tested the new Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes Class EVolkswagen Tiguan: arrives in May

Second generation Volkswagen Tiguan which arrives in dealerships in spring. At the moment, it will be available with a diesel engine 2.0 TDI 150 hp (from € 29,560) And a petrol 2.0 TSI 180 hp (from 42,200 €). The new Volkswagen Tiguan will come with two body lengths to choose: One of five seats (available in May) and a larger driver plus six passengers (in September). As in the current versions have front Off-road with higher angle of attack and 20 cm ground clearance, manual gearboxes or automatic dual-clutch, variants of front or all-wheel drive with the new 4Motion Active Control. This allows you to select four different modes of movement depending on the type of terrain. The icing on the cake will put a plug-in hybrid unpublished VW Tiguan GTE 218 hp with additional cargo capacity by solar panels on the roof.

We tested the new Volkswagen Tiguan

Toyota Prius: arrives in May

New Generation Toyota Prius which achieves a significant improvement in efficiency, with reduced average consumption no less than 18%. It is about optimizing the hybrid set, which has reduced the size and weight of its components while improving performance. It is very remarkable thermal efficiency of the gasoline engine, which has reached record levels (40% versus 33% normal) and a Cx 0.24.

In turn, the technological burden is updated with security systems such as blind spot monitoring, automatic braking with pedestrian recognition, rear Cross Traffic alert and active cruise control radar cruise. Another element is its vanguard climate control with occupant detection, which adapts the air flow depending on the needs. Approximate price Released: 29,900 euros.

We tested the new Toyota Prius

Toyota PriusAlfa Giulia arrives in June

Alfa starts big, because the first version that will sell is the Quadrifoglio Verde. You know, a name that conceals the expertise of the brand. Part of a new propulsion platform with possibility of mounting all-wheel drive also in the QV, driven by an impressive version 2.9 V6 biturbo 510 hp, 61 mkg torque, 510 hp and Ferrari technology in their guts. You can combine with a manual and automatic cut and performance hiccups: a highlight, for example, a 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. The car measures 4.64 meters, less than the category average, and its inner layout and presentation, how could it be otherwise, is very "driver". A month later reach the range for the rest of us, with engines between 150 and 280 hp.

That will be the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Fiat 124 Spider: arrives in June

Highly anticipated, so long announced and finally reality. Fiat 124 Spider retrieves the name for a new roadster leading sportiness burned into all genes. And not just for today evoke a legendary roadster that was marketed between 1966 and 1985, but above all, for sharing structure now the fourth generation of a true classic of our day, Mazda MX-5. Also, of course, rear-wheel drive and manual canvas hood, Fiat yes uncheck Japanese sports car with chassis tuning and own an exclusive motor. Instead mechanical atmospheric, this 124 Spider mount a 1.4 Multiair, turbo and 140 hp. Somewhat later will come an enhanced by Abarth interpretation, Abarth 124 Spider, and who knows if also another variant under Alfa Romeo. Of course, I would not go bad. Two versions distinguished by the amount of equipment carrying series 124 and 124 Spider Lusso Spider (for 25,990 euros and 27,990 euros, respectively).

Fiat 124 Spider prices

Fiat 124 SpiderVolvo S90 / V90: arrives in June

Design, safety and technology are the pillars on which is based the Volvo S80 substitute. Imposing external dimensions, 4.96 meters long, 1.89 m wide and 1.44 m high with battle 2.94 m. To develop a very strong party base has, the XC 90. Initially the model will start with four engines: he hybrid plug T8, 407 hp, 320 hp T6 petrol and Diesel D4 and D5 with 190 hp and 235 respectively. It will have manual 6-speed automatic transmission and 8, front- or all-wheel drive. It will offer a semi-autonomous driving system, below 130 km / h, through lane boundary acting autonomously. It is a global model, which will be available in major markets from next summer. The V90 station wagon should not reach the market until early 2017.

So will the Volvo V90

Volvo S90

Ateca Seat: arrives in July

It will be the Seat major release of 2016. Currently only be offered with five seats He along with the SUV manufactured by Skoda, the seven-seater, which will be presented in Paris in October-. Style and development hundred percent plant in Martorell Seat. Measure 4.36 meters, somewhat shorter than 4.49 meters from VW Tiguan His battle is also about eight Menor- centimeters, which will make you lose some rear habitability and not having the trunk of the VW boasting -the largest category-. announces 510 liters of trunk for front-wheel drive variants, and 485 liters in the 4Drive Ateca Seat AWD.

The new Seat Ateca initially bid with five engines, three diesel and two petrol, with outputs of between 115 and 190 hp. on Diesel, startup range becoming associated with the motor 1.6 TDi 115 hp with an average consumption of 4.3 l / 100 km (112 g / km CO2). Above there will be a Ateca Seat 2.0 TDi with 150 and 190 hp, the latter with 5 liters of consumption approved medium and CO2 emissions of 131 g / km. It will be offered with 4x2 and 4x4 variants.

We tried the Seat Ateca

The Ateca and its rivals Seat SUV

Ateca SeatRenault Scénic: arrives in September

Everything will change with the next generation of French people carrier starting with the new platform CMF C / D shared with Kadjar Renault, Espace and Talismán, and the new Mégane. The new model will come loaded with technology and security. It will offer for the first time in controlling adaptive cruise model. He R-Link multimedia system 2 also it is present through its vertical screen. As for engines, will continue downsizing trend. He will say goodbye to the big 2.0 dCi. It will in paragraph 1.5 Diesel dCi 90 and 110 hp and 1.6 dCi 130 and 160 hp. 1.2 TCe will be available with two power levels of 100 and 130 hp. And initially there will be no 3 liters.

New Renault Scénic

Renault Megane Sport Tourer: arrives in September

One of the protagonists at the end of summer will be the familiar version of Renault Mégane, a model that opened the year with the launch of the 5-door body, whose starting price (version Life Energy TCe 100) starts at 16,600 €. Hopefully the remarkable remains growth in length in relation to the family hatchback let us remember, 4.36 meters long in the presently generation, a trend that enables this "Sport Tourer" offer not only more capacity in its trunk, but also a perceptible increase longitudinal space. More than likely also be included GT finishes as in the saloon.

So will the Renault Mégane Sport Tourer

Renault Megane Sport TourerFord Kuga: arrives in October

the renewed Ford Escape presented in November at the Hall of Los Angeles we can give a very accurate idea of ​​the image that will premiere "our" Kuga. Both are the same car, but baptized-and matizados- by continent. Noting the Escape, we see that the front concentrates the main aesthetic innovations. Basically it has taken a new trapezoidal grille which identifies the current Ford. The taillights are also new. Highlights in equipment has been the modern 3 SYNC multimedia system. Los Angeles had the mechanical role of Escape a new gasoline engine 180 hp 1.5 Ecobost could be seen in the Kuga. But it should be the new 1.5 TDCi 120 hp seen in the Mondeo, Focus and C-Max most interesting novelty for our market.

New Ford Kuga

Opel Insignia: arrives in December

They will change the proportions, and although the outlines of your profile will be similar to the current logo, the front and rear they will sport a much more disruptive and futuristic image. This Opel Insignia, Overall in the different markets in which GM operates, It will be a Buick in North America, so it is not surprising that talk of increased length will locate the Insignia, dimensionally in a higher category, and above 4.9 meters. The Epsilon II platform evolves to the point to be considered practically new, coded E2XX. In it, and in the car together, it is working especially in weight. Gasoline engines 1.4-liter depart while 1.6 configure a wide fork powers. It will continue 4x4 versions and Country Tourer.

So will the future Opel Insignia

Opel InsigniaBMW 5 Series: arrives in December

Do not expect big cosmetic changes because hop style BMW will not arrive until a future 3 Series. 5 Series will be presented before the end of the year and although deliveries will not begin until 2017, It will be taken into account as a rival of the new Mercedes E-Class also Half Year later comes the family, another quarter for the GT. It will thin on average about 100 kilos over the current. It will combine materials (aluminum, steel, magnesium), but no carbon fiber as 7 Series for too costly. The latter will take your wordy electronic equipment of comfort, safety and entertainment systems that approach to autonomous driving: emergency braking from 70 km / h or cruise control with stop-and-go up to 130 km / h. In the range of engines is expected range from 184 hp to 450 hp petrol, while Diesel cover a power range from 150 to 313 hp.

This will be the BMW 5 Series